Month: June 2017

Furniture Art-‘De-Dimension:2D-3D’

  | 18.30 – 25 June 2017 |         Small spaces have fueled need of functional furniture. De-Dimension:3D-2D project by Korean designer Jongha Choi has taken functional furniture design to a different level of artistic display. Usually multiContinue reading

Concrete house-Andergassen Urthaler

| 17 : 00 – 22 June 2017 |   Creating a concrete home among steep hills in response to natural and cultural landscape is always a challenge. Architect Andreas Gruber has created one such striking example through a recyclableContinue reading

Sniffing in Pollution Pod

  | 11 : 15 – 19 June, 2017 |     Have you sniffed polluted air of your city in a ‘Pollution Pod’? Air…Fresh Air…out there everywhere. That’s what we expect after opening doors and windows. But air almostContinue reading

Rhoeco – Greek treasure of organic tea

| 11.00 – 10 June 2017 | Get to planting after drinking ! That’s what Rhoeco – an freshly established Eco brand of organic tea based in Thessaloniki, Greece wants its tea lovers to do.   Product range The brand’sContinue reading

Quotes on Architecture – Frank Lloyd Wright

  09.00 – 8 June 2017     F.L. Wright Home and Studio – Illinois Founder of philosophy ‘Organic Architecture’ , Frank Lloyd Wright was an American Architect, Interior Designer, Writer and educator. From being a Japanese art dealer toContinue reading

Environment Day-Connect to Nature

| 19.30 – 5 June 2017 |     We are good only as long as our environment is good. With growing environmental concerns, the onus is on us to appreciate, connect and conserve of what we have. Lets doContinue reading

Hybrid energy system – SolarMills

| 12.00 – 2 June 2017 |         WindStream Technologies have come up with a fully integrated powerful renewable energy device known as SolarMill which harnesses wind and solar energy. Solar energy and heat from the sun isContinue reading