Month: August 2017

Bamboo Sports Hall for Panyaden School by Chiangmai Life Architects

  | 10.30 – 27 August 2017 |         “Green School” mission follower Panyaden International School has added a sports hall to its campus. Built entirely from bamboo, the sports hall is designed by Chiangmai Life ArchitectsContinue reading

Pavements are fun! Solar pavers by Platio

| 08.30 – 19 August 2017 |   Modular Solar pavers introduced by Platio have taken clean energy to next level. Need to harness alternate sources of energy to meet demanding energy requirements, has fueled humans to explore many paths.Continue reading

Minimalist ‘Common Room’ cafe by p/s/d

|  13.15 – 7 August 2017 |       Being simple yet meaningful isn’t easy. An all day breakfast and coffee shop – Common Room is set out to redefine functional and minimalist café design. Located in Ari, aContinue reading

Royal Mail stamps to celebrate contemporary architecture

| 14.30 – 4 August 2017 |   Royal Mail knows well how to celebrate its country’s contemporary architecture. 10 Special Stamp representing contemporary architecture in the UK of recent years were recently launched by Royal Mail For more thanContinue reading