HANOI – Classy candlestick set from NOTT Design

| 19 : 00 – 12 October 2017 |


Candlestick, Nott design

Ukrainian design studio – NOTT Design has introduced a set of playful candle stand – Hanoi, which can take over newer forms of digital toys!

Since ages, playing with toys has been an enjoyable means for children to learn and interact. Many toys double up to form as a product too! Playing with toys is considered important when it comes to growing up and exploring things around us. So when Sergey and Alexander Gotviansky from NOTT design studio designed candlesticks, they made the product playful as well as interactive for all age groups !

Hanoi candlestick

Each can fit in a tea light candle

From the designers –

The idea was to bring one back to one’s childhood and let him play with pyramids for kids. This is a stylish toy for people with taste. The candlesticks named Hanoi made from wood; are a set of circles made to fit one above the other.

Black wood candlestick

All arranged !

When arranged, their details make them fit to form a conical pyramid, whereas they can be playfully arrange in various ways. One can make one to five candlesticks in various forms and combinations.

Hanoi candlestick from Nott design

Playful combinations!


Hanoi – another combination as candle holder

The interactive product comes in three colors and can be a quite unique addition to any decor.

wooden candlestick

Stylish Hanoi

Hanoi is classy candlestick toy for adults who occasionally indulge into playful, interactive products.

Hanoi candlestick

Range of colors available – Hanoi candlestick


Hanoi candlestick packaging

Stylish toy – Stylish packaging 

Product details –


Name – HANOI – Candlestick

Designers – S. Gotvyansky, K. Kozlova

Design firm – NOTT Design | www.nottdesign.com

Product typeProduct design, Home decor


Photography – © S. Gotvyansky

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