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| 19 : 00 – 05 May 2018 |

About Design World turns a year old today! 

We started a year back with a motto to emerge as a platform to showcase design that is simple, innovative and leaves a positive mark on the environment. We are glad that over this one year journey we received best design projects, products and installations for publication on our website.

Here are top 12 popular design posts from About Design World since its start a year back :-


May 2017

Vegan Wallets from Green Banana Paper

Matt Simpson- founder of green banana paper creates wallets from waste banana stumps in Kosrae, Micronesia.

Green Banana Paper, Wallets from banana stump waste, Designer wallets

Photo Credit – © green banana paper

June 2017

Sniffing in Pollution pod

Renowned British artist Michael Pinsky,was commissioned by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to create an installation dedicated to awareness of serious threats of air pollution. The Pollution Pod were recently displayed at the Somerset House in London from 18 – 25 April 2018.

Geodesic dome, Pollution pod, Norway, Michael Pinsky

Photo Credit – © Michael Pinsky

July 2017

We agree.Mermaids do hate plastic pollution

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong puts a mermaid among 10,000 plastic bottles to draw attention of plastic pollution in oceans.

Mermaid, Plastic bottles, Visual art, Installation, Photography, Plastic pollution

Image Credit – © Benjamin Von Wong

August 2017

Bamboo Sports Hall for Panyaden School by Chiangmai Life Architects

Built entirely from bamboo, the sports hall is designed by Chiangmai Life Architects – CLA who have a striking portfolio of earth and bamboo architecture projects.

Drone view, Aerial view of a bamboo roof structure

Image credit – CLA, Markus Roselieb

September 2017

Beech Architects retain abandoned Suffolk windmill

An abandoned windmill in a beautiful countryside of England’s Suffolk has been brought back to life by Beech Architects. The Windmill located in Suffolk lies in close proximity to historic Lavenham now boasts a unique tourist accommodation.

Suffolk Windmill , Beech Architects, Windmill, Suffolk, England

Image credit – © Beech Architects

October 2017

Multi Sports Pavilion by Alberto Campo Baeza

White and full of light, a multi sports pavilion designed by Architect Alberto Campo Baeza has been added to the campus of Vitoria University in Pozuelo, Madrid.

White facade, Sports pavilion, Building exteriors, Pavilion

Image credit – © Javier Callejas

November 2017

Click-Lock! Odger Chair  by Form Us With Love

After the success of Form Us With Love’s affordable staple chair, Janinge, the Swedish design studio presents Odger, a click-lock assembly chair in wood polypropylene, made in collaboration with IKEA.

Chair, IKEA, Odger Chair, Furniture

Image Credit – © Jonas Lindstrom

December 2017

The Summer House from A-design studio

An awe-inspiring backdrop of the Indian ocean and contemporary design unite in the Summer house designed by A-design Studio based in Sri Lanka.

Outdoor dining area, Summer house facing ocean, Ocean view house

Image credit – © Sadun De Silva

January 2018 

Mulan Weichang visitor center by HDD Group

Located among grasslands and animals in Heibei, the Mulan Weichang visitor center designed by HDD group is inspired from shape of traditional yurts.

Yurt, Visitor center, Horses roaming in grassland, Inner Mongolia

Image credit – © Su Shengliang

February 2018

Nossa Senhora De Fatima Chapel by Plano Humano Arquitectos

Inspired by scouting experiences, camps, tents and a scout’s scarf, Chapel of Nossa Senhora De Fatima designed by Plano Humano Arquitectos exudes simplicity and faith in all forms.

Chapel, Night view, Plano Humano Arquitectos

Image credit – © João Morgado – Architecture Photography

March 2018

Mount Herzl Memorial by Architect Kimmel Eshkolot

Israeli Architects Kimmel Eshkolot design Mount Herzl memorial in Jerusalem dedicated to the fallen soldier’s of the country as site for ‘grief and peace’.

Mount Herzl memorial, Israel, steps across building exterior, About Design World

Image credit – © Amit Geron Photography

April 2018

People’s Pavilion by Bureau SLA & OvertredersW

Built on the concept of borrow and return, the sustainable People’s pavilion designed by Bureau SLA & OvertredersW was a part of the Dutch Design Week(DDW) event. DDW and Design City Eindhoven launched the first edition of the World Design Event (WDE) wherein the 250 sq.mt of ‘no screws, glue, drills or saws’ pavilion construction took place.

Exterior view of People's pavilion, Building exterior, Recycled plastic tiles cladding, About Design World

Image Credits – © Jeroen van der Wielen, © Filip Dujardin

That’s our list for top 12 posts of About Design World. Do let us know favorite post from our platform !!

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