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We agree.Mermaids do hate plastic pollution

| 16 : 30 – 18 July 2017 | A mermaid swimming among garbage pile of 10,000 plastic bottles is creating awareness about effects of plastic pollution in oceans. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his adventurous, hyper realistic and epic photoRead more

Sniffing in Pollution Pod

| 11 : 15 – 19 June 2017 | Have you sniffed polluted air of your city in a ‘Pollution Pod’? Air…Fresh Air…out there everywhere. That’s what we expect after opening doors and windows. But air almost everywhere today isRead more

Environment Day-Connect to Nature

| 19 : 30 – 5 June 2017 |     We are good only as long as our environment is good. With growing environmental concerns, the onus is on us to appreciate, connect and conserve of what we have.Read more

Hybrid energy system – SolarMills

| 12 : 00 – 2 June 2017 |       WindStream Technologies have come up with a fully integrated powerful renewable energy device known as SolarMill which harnesses wind and solar energy. Solar energy and heat from the sunRead more

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Ethical Fashion-Vegan wallets

 | 10 : 00 – 11 May 2017 |   Vegan wallets are here ! In this era, fashion and design comes in all shapes and materials.  And if the the material comes from unwanted banana tree trunks, then theRead more

Dinnerware – Eco style by Leafware

| 03 : 00 – 5 May 2017 |     Have you ever enjoyed a delicious cooked food on a fallen palm leaf palm? Sounds uhh….Leafware is here to help us do that.  Well if you haven’t yet, youRead more