Creche Ropponmatsu kindergarten by Emmanuelle Moureaux

| 20.00 – 11 September 2017 |

Located in a residential area of Fukuoka city in Japan, Creche Ropponmatsu designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux present a splash of colors on its facade.

With a concept of ‘colorful grove’, one can see a collection of colors at one glance all over the 4 storied structure.

From the architect –

Emmanuelle designed the architecture, interior space, logos and graphical signage, with a vision to open a new kindergarten where children can grow up freely in mind and body. Running behind the colorful grove, this kindergarten gives opportunity for children to raise rich sensibility by feeling many colors wherever they are. Spending time in colorful environment helps to maximize the sensitivity of children and bring out the personality of each child. Surrounded by many colors, touching many colors, living with many colors – the kindergarten wishes to develop rich sensibilities and individuality of children. With this hope in mind, the colorful grove watches the growth of children every day.


Kindergarten among the neighbourhood

Having a capacity of 90 children, aged between 0 to 5 years old, the design was evolved on the concept of colors. 18 colors don the stairs connecting the 4 floors which help children experience different colors as they travel up and down.


Splash of colors along the staircase

The nursery rooms have 200 colorful boxes in 25 colors are lined up against the wall. Each one of them belongs to every child to stock their personal belongings.


Interior space

Colorful boxes for the kids

The boxes are kind of replacement for the bags which the kids would otherwise carry to their school. Colorful boxes help the kids to identify their own drawers wherein kids would stock their tools or clothes after change.


Play area

Facade –

These color codes have been externally represented on the facade in form of groves. The striking white facade is entwined with 63 multi-colored trees each of 4 m in height. The trees have extending branches rhythmically wrapping the building.


Trees and branches wrap the facade

As per architect, full-sized glass facade give a feeling of openness whereas wrapping it with colorful trees, gives a sense of distance to the outside, and visually protects the children in gentle gesture.


©Logo design – Creche Ropponmatsu

To form a sense of unity, the colorful trees are also incorporated in the logo of the kindergarten; kids uniforms and school buses.

Project details :-

Architect – Emmanuelle Moureaux

Interior, Signage Design – Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design

Client Name – Kusagae-en Social Welfare Corporation

Location – Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan

Completion date – April 2017

Photography – Daisuke Shima

Project area – 417.48 m2

Built up area – 697.40 m2


Product/Material details :-

Structure – Steel


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