We agree.Mermaids do hate plastic pollution

| 16.30 – 18 July 2017 |

A mermaid swimming among garbage pile of 10,000 plastic bottles is creating awareness about effects of plastic pollution in oceans.

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his adventurous, hyper realistic and epic photo shoot style. Engineer turned photographer, Ben has recently turned his focus on raising awareness towards climate change, conservation and social impact projects.

As a part of his epic shoots, he took over the topic of showcasing effects of plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution to us seems just another word or topic. But if thought in-depth, plastic has been one of the most devastating elements causing pollution. Have we ever thought where does all this plastic end up in water or land and what happens to it?

Humans have managed to dump tons of garbage from household, manufacturing units, construction sites into the ocean. Since plastic takes years to decay, they literally litter everywhere. Plastic disrupts the entire marine cycle causing unwanted problems to the eco-system. While a lot is being talked about this ‘just another pollution’, Ben showcased it quite artfully via a mermaid and 10,000 plastic bottles.




From the artist –

‘If the average American uses 167 plastic bottles a year, in 60 years they will have used 10,000 plastic bottles. Those same single use bottles will be around for your children’s children’s children’s children’s ………children. That’s a lot of bottles to be running away from, for a very very long time.”

Ben with the help of volunteers, strangers, family and friends transformed a pile of colourful garbage of plastic bottles to deliver a strong message.

The message #MermaidsHatePlastic




The challenges and journey behind the shoot are documented by Ben on his personal blog. Right from borrowing 10,000 bottles from a waste management company to cleaning, washing the bottles, getting a model and floor space for the shoot, everything fell in place.




After a lot of experimentation about colour, arrangement and composition of the bottles, Ben documented his strong message via just 3 effective images.




After all the collective hard work and sweat, the final images depicting impact of plastic on oceans were stunning! The images published showed a clear message of mermaid struggling to adapt or live in the swirl of plastic garbage.

The visual art project creates an everlasting impression about what ‘1 human using an average 10,000 plastic bottles per year can cause to our oceans’! If this makes you rethink, Von Wong’s Change.org pledge has urged people to reuse bottles instead of buying new.

In the long run, we definitely can attempt to make our oceans to be pollution free for marine life and ‘mermaids’ too!




All Image/Video Credits – Benjamin Von Wong


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