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Concrete canvas series, Console table


Concrete Canvas is a series of concrete tables and consoles from Neal Aronowitz Design who is famous for his sculpturally inspired furniture and lighting pieces.

Concrete has always been used widely in various construction technologies and also in art, design and architecture. The Concrete canvas is an innovative construction material made of Geo synthetic cement mats. This flexible cement infused fabric hardens to form a thin, durable, weather resistant layer which can be literally rolled !


Whorl Table – Photo Credit – © Miroslav Trifonov


Whorl Console – Photo Credit – © Kerry Davis Studio

The ‘Concrete Canvas’ series launched by Architect cum designer Neal Aronnowitz represents fluid form of ‘concrete cloth on a roll’. The Whorl tables and consoles is a collection of minimalist furniture design as an antithesis to the conservative and heavy forms of concrete furnishings.

Whorl Console – Photo Credit – © Ouum Studio


Whorl Table – Photo Credit – © Miroslav Trifonov

Finished with a light skim hand coating the whorl series are everyday objects which stand out due to its aesthetics curves. As per the designer the main challenge was in stretching the tensile strength of the material to mold it in its sculptural form. Since the table and console series were unique in design and form, a special casting and molding techniques was developed by the designer.

Casting and molding process – Photo Credit – © Kerry Davis Studio 


Photo Credit – © Kerry Davis Studio 


Molding technique  Photo -© Kerry Davis Studio 

Since its launch, the series has garnered various design awards and applause for its out of the box thinking and exploration of the material. The Whorl console went on to win the 2017 Gray Award for Product Design.

Whorl console – Image credit – © Miroslav Trifonov

It’s an incredible achievement the studies he undertook, his enthusiasm for the material, his persistence in following his ideas, and, of course, the shape. It’s a very nice product. I would like to have one.” – Ingo Maurer, Gray Awards, 2017 Judge

Enso table – 

The Enso table which is next in series to Whorl table and console draws its inspiration from Japanese ink painting. Similar to a swift, creative and expressive single stoke of the brush, the Enso table is a wall fastened furniture. The lightness and strength of the Concrete canvas helps to express the eye-catching form and concept behind the Enso table.

Enso table – Image credit – © Ouum Studio


Sculptural Enso table – Image credit – © Ouum Studio


Enso table – Image credit – © Miroslav Trifonov

Product details –


Product name – Concrete Canvas Series

Architect/ Designer – Neal Aronowitz Design |

Lead designer – Neal Aronowitz

Product type – Furniture design, Product design, Home/Office decor

Studio location – Portland Oregon, USA

Completion Year – 2015 – 2018

Materials used – Concrete Canvas, Cement mortar, Aluminum Cement Mortar(Enso table), Cement pigments

Colors – Custom colors available

Dimensions –

Whorl table – 55” long x 25” wide x 18” high. (available up to 30” width)

Whorl console – 63” long x 17” wide x 30” high. (Customization available)

Enso table – 66” long x 17” wide x 32” high

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