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This Ocuilan home is built with ecoblocks

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Ocuilan home, wooden doors, concrete finish, facade for residence


An Ocuilan home designed by PPAA Arquitectos Asociados in State of Mexico is built with ecoblocks with finish which resembles wood.

After the earthquake on 19th September in Ocuila, housing for the affected families were built. With the aim of reassembling the social system in the affected region, the project was developed with Reconstruir México and PienZa Sostenible AC. PPAA architects got the opportunity to build one of the residence for Mrs. Martina González.

Ocuilan home, house with wooden doors, open space near house,concrete beam

Open space in between the two building blocks

Built with Ecoblock – an eco product produced by Échale, the minimalist home with basic functions were laid out into two separate building blocks. The Ocuilan home built on open landscape has two living blocks separated yet connected by a open space in between.

Ocuilan home, Ocuilan home floor plan, floor plan, house plan for contour site, contour site

Site location

From the Architects – 

Ocuilan is a project in which homes for the affected people in Ocuilan de Arteaga, State of Mexico after the earthquake of September 19th, 2017 were built. The aim of Ocuilan was to reassemble the social system. The project was developed with Reconstruir México and PienZa Sostenible AC. PPAA had the chance of building the home of Mrs. Martina González.

Ocuilan house, housing for earthquake affected families, economical housing, housing blocks

Open space adjoining the Ocuilan house

The house was handed over to Mrs. González on the 11th of July 2019. It was built with Ecoblock, produced by Échale, and it has wooden finishes.

drone view, Ocuilan city, drone photo of projects

Drone view of the Ocuilan home and its surroundings

The project is set on a space open to the natural landscape. The original idea was to allow a lineal communication with the outside view to the hill and the cliff, creating a backyard that works as the communicator between the outside views and the house.

concrete beams, open space outside house, courtyard, play area outside house

Open space in between the blocks

Furthermore, the project was designed to create an interaction among the two main stories of the residence, separating private and communal areas.

entrance door, interior view of house, economical house, post disaster housing

Entrance door to one of the living units

The first story has two rooms and a full bathroom; the second one has a smoke kitchen, a living room, and an indoor pool.

wooden screen, wooden doors, wooden windows, shadow through doors, light through windows

View from the interior space

Project details –

Project Name – Ocuilan

ArchitectPPAA Arquitectos Asociados

Project Location – Ocuilan de Arteaga, State of Mexico

Project TypeHousing, Rehabilitation home

Start year – 2017 | Handover year – July 2019

Design team – Pablo Pérez Palacios, Miguel Vargas, Segio Delgado, Lucia García, Karla Morales

Area – 46 sq.m.

Photography Credit – © Rafael Gamo

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