Minimalist ‘Common Room’ cafe by p/s/d

|  13.15 – 7 August 2017 |




Being simple yet meaningful isn’t easy.

An all day breakfast and coffee shop – Common Room is set out to redefine functional and minimalist café design. Located in Ari, a bubbling trendy area of Bangkok, this café has been designed by firm party|space|design.

The neighbourhood which has been a hub of design driven spaces encouraged the designers to create a niche. Keeping it to simple basic shapes and elements, the café sets out a warm and welcoming tone.

From the designer:

‘Common Room x Ari is back to basic of designs. It is the basic elements of things, not only objects but also living organisms and their souls. Simple shapes, simple ideas but thoroughly meaningful…’


Striking facade of the cafe 


Also, it can be clearly seen that straight lines and curve lines are used in brand logo and packaging beneath its concept. The café located along a busy road has a striking yet simple white washed facade.


Prominent location of Common Room


Since the space is quiet small, functionality along with mood and tone of the café was given utmost importance. Click To Tweet


Research on adoption of Feng Shui elements into the cafe interiors was done during design process. The designers realised that pure Feng Shui application in overall design wasn’t the answer. Once they started, every detail revolved around simple forms and shapes. Quirky simple stools surround an L shaped wooden counter as one steps in either from front or side entry way.


Minimalist furniture inside the cafe



Wooden seating along the windows


In addition to the big windows on the side face, bright natural light from glass store front lights up the café. The wooden seating enclosures along the window make it a perfect laid back space for coffee. Wood clad columns; window and door frames lend a homely warm evening mood within this small space.


Light and airy cafe 


The café is simply a clutter free space which lets you in for an everlasting experience. Click To Tweet



Common Room at evening


Project details :-

Project Name : Common Room

Architect : party|space|design

Location : Ari, Soi Phaholyothin Soi.5, Bangkok Thailand

Project type : Retail design, Cafeteria, Hospitality

Built Up : 30 Sq.m.

Completion date : February 2017

Photographer : F Sections

Image Copyright- p/s/d (party/space/design) & F Sections


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