Pavements are fun! Solar pavers by Platio

| 08.30 – 19 August 2017 |

Modular Solar pavers introduced by Platio have taken clean energy to next level.

Need to harness alternate sources of energy to meet demanding energy requirements, has fueled humans to explore many paths. As a result, we have seen a rise in innovative solutions harnessing abundantly available solar energy.

As much as important it is to find solutions, it is equally important to adapt these solutions in day to day life. When such solutions are made from recycled waste and integrated into our everyday walking spaces, they bound to make a mark!

Modular solar paver unit – Platio

Platio, a Budapest-based startup founded in 2015 by three Hungarian engineers have introduced solar paving systems – Platio. Their aim was to integrate clean energy producing product into urban landscapes, setting an example of sustainable cities.

From the owners:

“PLATIO is an unconventional, primarily outdoor energy producing, modular paving system optionally equipped with information technological functions. Platio provides an aesthetic and space-saving off-grid renewable energy system by integrating high-performance solar cells into attractive sidewalk paving elements made of recycled plastic. Electricity generated during sunshine hours is stored by energy-saving units or can be used to operate functions integrated into the pavement or nearby electric devices of public places”

Forms a part of the pavement – Platio

The high strength, anti slip glass tiles covers are manufactured from recycled plastic waste material. Its modular feature and easy inbuilt wiring systems enables their quick installation within few hours!


Their first successful permanent installation was Green mall’s front visitor entrance in Astana, Kazakhstan. As per the owner’s,  the 80 square meters of are covered paved area gives a power output of 11.7 kilowatt peak. The electricity produced covers the mall’s energy requirements!

Platio installation at Green Mall’s entrance in Astana, Kazakhstan

These key technological features attracted a European marina developer company who installed Platio units in the pontoons at their Swedish factory. Energy generated from the pavers installed in pontoons would support electricity for shipping and port amenities.

Platio units installed in pontoons at a Swedish factory

Platio went on further to show how a smart bench fitted with solar pavers could help generating electricity. They installed the pavers in bench located in front of city mall in central Budapest. Energy generated is used to charge mobile phones and tablets wirelessly or with USB ports. This smart technology allows people to enjoy the city space at ease while their gadgets are being charged.

Platio integrated into public benches – Central Budapest

Easy, clean electricity for charging cellphones – Platio

It’s a fine example of modular system which can have various more applications into city’s urban fabric. Streetlights, traffic control systems, pavements, park benches, etc just seem a list to start with to integrate these solar pavers. They also are certainly helping curb plastic pollution by using recycled waste material.

We believe that these pavers are a great addition to innovative materials which can largely contribute to sustainability of smart cities.

Decreasing energy load by harnessing solar energy – Platio

All images, video credit and copyright – Platio


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