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| 16 : 30 – 3 January 2018 |


Designed as a tool and a piece of art, Triangle bottle opener from Croatian company VAU is an everyday functional object made from solid metal.

Designers one often tend to explore certain forms and shapes which fit the design intent. Also geometric shapes such as square, circle and triangle form is always comfortably looked upon to work with.

The bottle opener from VAU draws its inspiration from triangular form which symbolises strength and represents a strong foundation. Combining minimalism with function this hand polished product from the Croatian designers and craftsmen reflect the creativity of design and materialism in everyday objects.



This multi disciplinary team with expertise in design, engineering, tooling, casting and forging metal, electroplating, packaging and craftsmanship. By virtue of all these skills, the Triangular bottle opener has won the German design award 2018 for excellent table top product design !

From the designers –

A triangle symbolises stability and groundedness. The stability of a triangle is used to upraise the bottle opener. The relation between its solid form and the empty space around it creates several triangles, merging both functionality and aesthetics. Apart from being a useful tool, when set aside, Triangle becomes a sculpture.  




About VAU –

VAU finds inspiration in universal symbols that extend through all aspects of life, from nature, art, spirituality or geometry, e.g. concentric circles, pyramids, the golden ratio and duality. Integrated into functional everyday objects these bring harmony and timeless beauty into everyday rituals. By combining function and symbolism, VAU creates new shapes, minimal and characteristic. The goal is to create timeless products that transcend trends. The energy of a space and the objects within it affect us. In VAU we believe there are those who support us in creating harmony and expressing ourselves on a deeper level.

VAU products are made out of solid metal, combining traditional and contemporary technology with a meticulous final touch of experienced craftsmen. Inspired by universal symbols, they combine function and aesthetics in order to show products in a new light, the goal being to create lasting pieces that overcome instant trends.

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triangular bottle opener, brass metal, solid metal, bottle opener


Product details:-

Product name – Triangular bottle opener

Design firmVAU products

Location – Prekratova 64, 10020 Zagreb, Croatia

Product typeProduct design, Object

Completion year – 2017

Image credits – © VAU

Material – Solid cast metal

FinishBrass finish/plated

Product dimensions – 100 x 60 x 16 mm

Packaging dimensions – 106 x 156 x 23 mm

Product weight – 140g


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