Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Cafe exteriors

An ultra narrow urban coffee shop ‘The Coffee’

| 23 : 30 – 19 December 2018 |

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe

‘The Coffee’ is a 3 sq.m. of coffee shop located in an ultra narrow urban slot between two buildings in Curitiba.

Studio Boscardin Corsi Arquitetura utilized a tiny space which served as a service door unused by a restaurant next door. Serving as ‘take-away’ style stopover, the space intends to be a catalyst in sparking interaction with public. The architecture and interior style is aligned with the concept of coffee brand – functional and minimal.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Black and white photography

Takeaway spot

To stand apart from its neighbours the vertical facade was treated with simple materials. Metal strips, light wood and a lit up acrylic box gives it an imposing character. A small bench across the pavement acts a waiting area while the food order is being processed.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Brasil

Unused service door space is now a coffee shop

From the Architects –

To transform small urban fragments, sensitize, bring a new concept and also change the routine of the people. The modern cities, so consolidated in their centers, almost leave no room for expansion. However, it is a mistake to think so, because there are small urban slots that can be adapted, if you have a vision of urban and commercial architecture.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe

Narrow urban slot utilized by The Coffee

A small service door, formerly unusable by the restaurant next door and seemed to have no grace at all, has been seen as a potential spot and turned into business. And it was with this vision, inspired by Japanese simplicity and minimalism, that the ‘The Coffee’ appears.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Pavement, Graphic, Signage

Minimal, simple – The Coffee

Amid the turmoil of today’s world and day-to-day running, where time is money and caffeine is needed to restore the energies, nothing is more providential than a “takeaway” style coffee. Or, those who have more time enjoy coffee standing on the sidewalk or sitting on the bench in front.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Pavement, black and white photography

Sidewalk and bench as a meeting point

Before, the sidewalk that gave space to the pedestrian movement, today is a meeting point, there are queues and experiences that did not exist before. And it is part of the whole project, integrated with the concept of the space. The architecture project is related to the concept of The Coffee, minimal and functional. And, to stand out from the other buildings on the side, the option was to verticalize the facade so that, even narrow, it gained an imposing.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Pavement, Bench on a footpath

Bench serves as waiting space

Facade materials – 

With a contrasting color and unusual materials, the coffee shop loosened from the sides. The composition of materials is simple. Metal strips, light wood and acrylic box that, when lit, reveals the best: light. The light cube, in acrylic, it is the focal point of the coffee, marking the entrance, making the protection on rainy days and shining at nightfall (and also on typical cloudy days in Curitiba).

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe, Facade design, Narrow facade

Simple composition of materials used on the vertical facade

Interior space – 

Now about the biggest challenge: the inner area. The small interior of 3 sq.m. did not allow for many layout possibilities. The espresso machine should be positioned so that the barista is always on the customer’s side, never on his back. The idea of ​​the slats, present in the facade, enter inside but here, in another material.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe decor

Expresso machine is placed on the customer’s side

The slatted in light wood makes the bottom part and the lining of the coffee, and plays with the light. In addition, as a side finish, the black subway tile, very urban, like the whole concept of the coffee shop. As you approach the workbench, you can place the order through the tablet and wait to retrieve your coffee.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe

Slatted wood and black tiles deck up the interiors

Meanwhile, you can have a good chat with the barista, who already knows the whole movement of the street. Cosmopolitan, urban and timeless. So ‘The Coffee’ is not just an architectural proposition, it is an experience, a new way of customer service relationship, a new way of interacting with the public space.

Coffee shop, The Coffee, Interior design, Cafe

The Coffee – Urban and timeless

Project details –


Project Name – The Coffee

Architect Firm – Studio Boscardin Corsi Arquitetura |

Lead Architect – Ana Boscardin e Edgard Corsi

Project Location – HP89+XG Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil

Project Type – Retail designCafe, Coffee shop

Client – The Coffee

Completion year – 2018

Area – 3 sq. mt.

Photography Credit – © Eduardo Macarios

Products –

White acrylic cube on the facade

Oak wood in the interior

Black subway tile covering the walls,

Black metal lines

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