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| 11.00 – 17 December 2017 |



LETLED showroom and office designed by Zooi interior studio is an amalgamation of its brand book colors based on RGB color model.

The color theory says that mixing light—or the additive color mixing model—allows one to create colors by mixing red, green and blue light sources of various intensities. The more light you add, the brighter the color mix becomes. If you mix all three colors of light, you get pure, white light.

Since the brand book of the LETLED which deals with LED lights was conceptualized on RGB color theory, Zooi interior studio simply went ahead to combine the office interiors with the company’s brand image. The combination of colors red, blue, green against white backgrounds are accordingly used in the meeting room, recreation spaces and kitchen area.


 Working area

From the designers –

‘LETLED is the office interior project by Zooi interior studio with many design solutions.

The main feature is the brand book playing with the concept of RGB model that is the fusion of red, green and blue spectrum’s and their conversion into a white color. While the meeting room is separated by red screens, the kitchen is green and the lounge area, which is also a wardrobe, is blue. The other important peculiarity of Letled is the rotating stands in the lobby. They can be opened in not really busy days making easier the movements of the employees, or is possible to use its reverse lighter side getting a white background for a screen.’

Layout – Floor plan

Presence of various multi functional areas led this office its individualistic character. Throughout the office the columns and soffit of slab have been left untreated showcasing their raw nature.


Reception area

Interior planning –

A long grey toned reception table greets one at the entrance of the office located in Kiev. The eye catchy rectangular luminaries hang above the table lighting up the space. Blue color schemed sofa seats brighten up the area across the meeting rooms which are enclosed by red screens partitions.


Meeting room – Red partitions


Blue lounge area


Cheerful green kitchen and lunch area

The kitchen based on green color lies behind the reception. It has working counter with a table for four people. One is greeted by a cheerful ‘LET’s eat’ text; partly taken from the company logo. The long worktables placed back to back in the working zones have partial partitions in between. Interesting LED lighting fixtures encased in wooden blocks span over these working tables.


Unique LED lighting above the working tables

The most interesting and functional feature of the entire floor space is the rotating partitions in the lobby which looks simple but is quite versatile. When closed end to end, these partitions hide off the working space away at the same time display relevant information on boards about the company products.


Rotating partitions 

The other side of these boards has a white background which acts as a screen which helps the space to convert into a presentation or staff training area. When not in use, these partitions can be opened to facilitate easy movement within the office spaces for the employees.


White background on partitions 


Project Details:-

Project NameLETLED

ArchitectZooi interior studio

Lead Architect – Maxim Doshchinsky, Pavel Voitov

Project location – Kiev, Ukraine

Project type – Commercial, Office, Interior design

Client – LED lighting company

Completion year – 2017

Photography Credit – ©Maxim Shelkovnikov

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