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Lucron office | Čechvala Architects

| 08 : 00 – 28 February 2019 |

wood partition, office space, office interiors, meeting room, lighting design, Lucron office

Lucron office in Bratislava designed by Čechvala Architects is a modern workplace filled with functionality, materials and aesthetics.

Designed to leave behind a lasting impression, the office interiors represents the company’s vision of quality professional work conduct. The office space is a combination of traditional and open-layout approach of contemporary workplace to enhance communication and collaboration. The inner core hosts a range of service areas which includes reception and lounge spaces. Mirror-clad reception desk, organic colors, large desks and ‘cottages’ – areas for managers are some of the features of this dynamic workspace.

wood partition, office space, office interiors

Smooth edged corner spaces

Senior employee cabin

From the Architects –

The new premises of LUCRON Development represent a focus on quality and professional responsibility. It was important for LUCRON that the interior design would create a space with a character that could be identified with and would leave a lasting impression.

Lucron office, office, architecture, commercial design, workstations

Open, flexible workspace


Managers room, office space, office design, office at evening, lighting design, Lucron office

Exterior view of enclosed cabin

Architects focused not only on the selection of materials but also on modern and innovative technical details that are not immediately visible. They created a blend of materials that naturally complement each other with their simplicity and organic colours creating a backdrop for daily life.

Office, meeting room, office design, ceiling design

Open meeting space next to private meetings cubes


office design, office, office interiors, office ceiling design, workstation

Ceiling, desk and natural lighting system



In the new office premises the entrance guides first impression by one’s own reflection.  The new LUCRON office layout is divided into two parts. The northern part consists of offices formed in a traditional way with an exception of an inner core that includes all service areas. In contrast the southern part purposefully applies the flexible office theory.  Dominant are large desks suitable for hosting consultations and meetings.

office floor plan, Lucron office, CAD floor plan, office interior layout

Furniture layout – Lucron Office


office lobby, office corridor, meeting room

Meeting spaces along the corridors

Another prevailing feature of the layout are offices for managers called ‘Cottages’ creating fixed islands within the office where each ‘Cottages’ represents a different department of the organisation. High quality acoustics and autonomous lighting systems complement pleasant working environment. The interior as a whole is a symbol of a new trend and the company extent that LUCRON represents.

It is noticeable that everything has its place and there is space for everything.

office furniture, office lighting, office design, office space

Pods for private meetings and work


office cafeteria, office pantry, wooden furniture

Cafeteria and pantry


workdesk, workstation, wooden partitions, office design

Ceiling design reflected throughout the office space

Project details –


Project name – Lucron office

Architect – Čechvala Architects |

Project location – Steinerka Business Center, Bratislava, Slovenská Republika

Project type – Commercial design, OfficeInterior design

Client – Lucron A.S.

Completion year – 2018

Photography – © BoysPlayNice

Area – 1500

Collaborator – Tomáš Čechvala, Ivana Jeleníková

Products –

Office products – Hosu

Built in furniture – Hofu

Ceilings – Ecophone, Armstrong

Lights – The Light, Waldman, XAL

Interior plants – DMG’S


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