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Restaurant adorns black, grey and white blocks

 | 22 : 30 – 23 February 2019 |

restaurant, facade design, entrance door, windows

FON Studio transforms a restaurant facade and interiors of a narrow building in Guizhou into a melange of black, grey and white blocks.

Interlinked with rectangular windows with slight bevel edges, the facade blocks are interlinked with each other. The thoughtful transformation of the building into multiple pockets to serve as cafeteria, exhibition space, booth seats and bar. Titled as ‘Variation in the crack’, the restaurant design and decor has an unconventional approach towards modern-day eatery.

Glass, retail facade, eatery, window display

Seating along the front glass facade

By organizing the spaces in black, grey and white colors, the FON Studio chose to strike a balance of bold and sophisticated atmosphere. The bar located in the central block on ground floor balances the interior spaces on its either sides. Whereas the upper floor is a fresh take on private dining spaces enclosed in boxes. The binding block – staircase serves as a transition between the two floors seeking to bind all spaces and spirit of the restaurant.

Interior design, modern restaurant design, white stair block

View towards street from booth seating

From the Architects – 

It was an honor for us to be invited from southwest of Guizhou province between spring and summer, to transform a single building which is in the middle of city center. After transforming, this building will be used for drinks and snacks cafeteria. Yep, we come here again. Coincidentally, we had finished two remaking projects, while this time, the owner is the local friends around our age, and they hoped us to finish a powerful space transforming. Finally, we started our journey to the southwest of Guizhou with curiosity and hope.

Building exterior, Modern facade, facade design, beveled facade

Rectangular windows, beveled edges represent the facade

At the original stage, our stress should be put on the space of the exterior, first and second floor. The function is very simple—the first floor is the open restaurant area, meeting the various requirements; the second floor will become some isolated private rooms to build new experiences. Due to the long and narrow depth, the lighting and ventilation are limited, however, this weakness bring the mystery and hand-made style. Although it is risky to keep this, it is essential to present those feelings between the new space, just as the grounding.

Floor plan, Restaurant layout, CAD drawing

Floor plans

When it comes to the description of this city, its so common to see the feasting and revelry picture. But we want to interrupt this habit, so we organize the building with black, grey and white colors. The street-side will present a specific style after transforming. All blocks are linked to the building’s own rectangular windows. The slight turning bevel cuts the flowing cracks, and the rhyme becomes gradually strong.

Building facade, restaurant exteriors, grey and white exteiors

Entrance – White block

Ground floor –

People along the street prepare to enter the white hole, as exploring some secrets. The folding blocks linked to the exterior intend to expand the visual length. When you enter the building, you will see the same white blocks immediately, which stick into the folding area. The stack light and original thick senses form the box to the second floor. These sections form the weightless experience, and the sunlight between the cracks also strengthens the sculptural sense.

booth seating, restaurant seating, grey tone decor

Booth seating alongside the staircase


Stair, Staircase, raw concrete

Connecting old and new – raw concrete and white block

When you reach the center of this building, as the drinking area, the central bar counter is also inserted into the folding blocks. Meanwhile, the bar counter balances the customers on both sides, which forcibly cut off the space, thus, there is jet lag for the two sides.

booth seating, restaurant

Booth seating area


bar, bar counter, restaurant, bar decor

Bar area

If you see the deepest area, translucent glass bricks and illusional windows cut the interior and exterior environment. At the same time, the outside stage build a multiple corner for eating.

restaurant seating, performance space, exhibition space

Scattered seating area along a small stage

Corner seating space

Second floor –

Along with the white box, we enter the second floor. Because the second floor needs to adapt to the changed atmosphere, the beveling ratio will have a slight difference with the first floor. The hue control is neutral grey. Since there is no natural light in the transport area, the man-made lighting is a very important element.

Stair, Staircase, raw concerte

Stairway block in neutral grey and white

We put the private rooms on two end of side. Every section’s beveling structure looks like abstract a massive rock. The new material’s texture is relatively smooth, and the accidental sense of conflicts make up the tension when people walk there.

Private dining and meeting spaces on first floor


Boxed meeting space and toilet block in first floor

The ending of design is also a new beginning of a new story. No matter how many matters and corrections appeared, finally, our hope is flashing over those sections, window holes and black-white blocks. We hope that the simple and specific changes will come just as our previous design, serving this magic and non-seasonal city.

Project details –


Project Name – Variation In The Crack

Architect firm – FON Studio

Design team – Jin Boan, Li Hongzhen, Luo Shuanghua

Project location – No.17 Huayue three street, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province, China

Project Type – Hospitality, RestaurantInterior design

Built up – 240 sq. mt.

Client – Park Qian

Completion year – November 2018

Photographs – © FON Studio

Contractor – H2GO

Products/Materials used – 

Floor slab, Steel board, Synthetic quartz

Brands – LiTong Firm, ChangChang Steel Firm, MeiYan Firm

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