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| 17 : 10 – 21 July, 2018 |


Durch lookout, Jungle trail, Czech Republic


Durch Lookout – an observation deck designed by Czech Architect Zdeněk Fránek, gives spectacular vistas of the hills above the Valasske Prikazy village.

In the hills above the village Valasske Příkazy in Zlin region in Czech Republic is a new lookout (observation deck). It was designed by architect Zdenek Franek (Skywalk), the contractor is Jakub Janosik, who makes doors and windows in the village below and has a deep connection to the place. The lookout itself is an anti-billboard, window in the landscape, frame for a picture.

Durch lookout, Oak wood beams observatory

Durch lookout – The observation deck


Durch lookout, Observatory in Czech village

Oakwood beams glued to form a windowless window

The material’s simplicity belies in the structure’s simple shape. The detail free observatory space made up of oak wood beams glued together serves as a relaxation point for the visitors. Apart from all this what’s really impressive is the view that it culminates to provide.

Durch lookout, Czech Republic

Windowless window

From the Architects – 

In the hills above Valasske Prikazy in the Zlin region in Czech Republic grew up a lookout Durch designed by architect Zdenek Franek. Durch is a tribute to the view of the landscape. It is meant to stimulate and realize this beauty. It also serves as a sitting for passers-by, place for a snack or a shelter in bad weather. A well with a picture of St. Francis, animal patron and nature conservationist was restored in its vicinity.

The restored well with a picture of St. Francis on the tree


Durch lookout, Oak wood window frame

A relaxing point for visitors

Architect Zdenek Franek portrayed the observatory as a “minimalist wooden construction with clear details without any significant element. So to be humble, and above all, the outlook through the lookout, which frames the landscape as the most beautiful picture, was created.”

Durch lookout, Nature lovers observatory

The windowless observatory for nature-lovers

The family-owned firm Janosik, which produces windows under the hill where the Durch lookout is located, is behind the idea and realization of the observatory.

Durch lookout, Oak wood window

The lookout at a strategic point for stunning view


Durch lookout, Wooden window in Czech Republic

The observatory perched among the natural environment


Oakwood framed window, Durch lookout

Window to the nature

“I was thinking about redesigning our billboards. Eventually, the desire to rebel against the cluttering of nature combined with advertising collided with our corporate philosophy of clear outlook. From day-to-day we canceled all our billboards and began to work on the Durch lookout – our honor of the undisturbed view. ” – Jakub Janosik.

Durch lookout, Wooden frame window

Visitors enjoying the lookout space


Durch lookout, BoysPlayNice

Durch lookout perched atop the hills


Durch lookout, Flora and Fauna photography

Flora and Fauna captured against the lookout in background

Project details – 


Project Name – Durch lookout

Location – Valasske Prikazy, Vsetin District, Zlin Region, Czech Republic

Architect – Zdenek Franek | www.franekarchitects.cz/en/

Concept – Jakub Janosik

Realization – Janosik Windows – Doors | www.janosik.cz/en/


Photography Credits – © BoysPlayNice | www.boysplaynice.com

Project year – 2017

Year of implementation – 2018

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