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Braz Elettrica pizzeria | SuperLimao studio

| 14:20 – 23 February 2018 |   Braz Electtrica designed by SuperLiamo studio is a brand pizzeria house launched by The Traditional Trade Company based in Sao Paulo. Designed by SuperLiamo, the pizzeria located in a corner building in Pinheiros,Continue reading

Ballet Memphis | Archimania

  | 17:10 – 6 February 2018 |     Designed to engage the public into its movement and culture, Ballet Memphis new building designed by Archimania is an ode to dance and architecture. Located in Madison Avenue in Memphis,Continue reading

Seesaw Coffee Shop | Nota Architects

| 15:00 – 30 December 2017 |     Facing a mall plaza along the Shen-Nan Avenue in Shenzhen city, Seesaw coffee shop by Nota Architects is another addition to their portfolio of designing Seesaw coffee outlets. Irrespective of theContinue reading

‘The Triangular sky’ cafe | J.R. Architects

| 14.30 – 5 November 2017 |     J.R. Architects from Tainan city have added a striking cafe – ‘The triangular sky’ built up from 3 shipping containers. Recycling material in architecture has seen a steady rise in theContinue reading

Minimalist ‘Common Room’ cafe by p/s/d

|  13.15 – 7 August 2017 |   Being simple yet meaningful isn’t easy. An all day breakfast and coffee shop – Common Room is set out to redefine functional and minimalist café design. Located in Ari, a bubbling trendyContinue reading