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Platio installs solar pavers to fuel electric vehicles

  | 01:30 – 22 February 2018 |       Platio, a Budapest-based startup founded in 2015 by three Hungarian engineers having introduced solar pavers have flexed their forte to fuel electric cars. The company known for their innovativeContinue reading

Pavements are fun! Solar pavers by Platio

| 08.30 – 19 August 2017 |   Modular Solar pavers introduced by Platio have taken clean energy to next level. Need to harness alternate sources of energy to meet demanding energy requirements, has fueled humans to explore many paths.Continue reading

Hybrid energy system – SolarMills

| 12.00 – 2 June 2017 |         Solar energy and heat from the sun is harnessed by humans since ages for numerous activities. With ever increasing global demand of energy consumption, a range of solar poweredContinue reading