Young architects:5 reasons to work in big architecture firms

| 13 : 30 – 30 July 2017 |

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Big architecture firms have a lot to offer to young architects.

Right from international projects, expert people to networking and big opportunities, they have it all.

Every young architect is full of energy and enthusiasm during initial years of work. They have their own choices to make as per their area of focus. Hence depending upon choice one chooses to work in a small, medium to big architecture firms. Every firm differs as per its area of practice, expertise, projects and work culture.

We tried to focus on top 5 reason as to why young architects should work in a big architecture firm.

5 – Big and Diverse Projects

If you dream to work on big projects, then a big company/firm is the right place. Large architectural firms have a palette of complex and diverse projects to work on right from civic to religious to large offices to exhibition pavilions.

Since they also have larger geographic reach they often have specific experts in various departments which create a big opportunity of learning from peers. As a young architect you might work on a specific area out of the entire big project, but it will definitely boost confidence and knowledge in long run.


Green residential apartment block resembling vertical forest 

For example not every firm would work on sustainable spaces and certification of LEED projects. Perkins+Will an interdisciplinary design firm has carved a niche in sustainable building projects.

4 – Compensation, Benefits and Perks

Due to big and diverse projects, large architecture firms generate larger revenues which lead to higher employee salaries and benefits. They have regular internal audits to track performance of employee and offer salary upgrades. Some firms likely contribute towards retirement plans, offer professional allowance and cover costs of various qualifying exams. Firms like Gensler offer DSD (Design Strategist Development) program which is on job training for its employees.

3 – Software’s and Infrastructure

Large firms know the benefits of the software tools they use. Software’s used for specific works drive design outputs and service quality to clients. They constantly upgrade and keep up with the best software available in market. Advanced modelling software, BIM interface, use of best printers etc. keep the great work going. They have the best infrastructure in terms of office furniture, in house libraries, research, building material and model labs and not to forget food cafeteria!


Infrastructure and tools in an office promote efficiency, brand and culture 

2 – People, and People around

You will be having a lot of people around you in a big firm. It becomes a networking hub. The vision of individual employees is replaced by collaborative team work in large firms. Shared experience and knowledge is constantly happening around you. A sense of security and team support will definitely increase productivity and motivates you.

Teamwork and people around foster creativity and learning


1 – Enormous opportunities

With all the above added together, a larger firm surely is a hub for wider opportunities. When you are an emerging architect or design professional you constantly strive for maximizing opportunities. Whether it’s participating in design competitions or being an expert in BIM modelling. Whether its Value engineering to being expert LEED certified buildings, you are likely to find big opportunity here.


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Well, as said every firm differs in its fabric, structure and organisation and there will always be exceptions. Some smaller firms do work on big projects and stay focused on wider opportunities.


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