ARLIGHT – A luminaries’ display showroom

| 18 : 00 – 18 September 2017 |



ARLIGHT showroom design from Dudes Architect has aptly shown how lighting and luminaries’ are crucial aspect of interior design.

Lighting affects  mood, appearance and function of the spaces. When it comes to  designing an ‘luminaries display’ showroom, even the smallest details becomes especially vital. Larchenkov Dmitry and Sergey Victor of Dudes Architect designed a lighting display showroom in Minsk to highlight how lighting should complement the unique spaces.

From the architect –

‘The concept of new ArLight showroom is mainly based on the idea of demonstration various types of light with different functionalities and lighting scenarios depending on individual needs. As a result, the showroom is mainly composed out of several functional areas.’

Floor plan – ArLight Showroom

In order to display how retail, commercial and office spaces can be catered by lighting products of the client, the architects demarcated the floor space into different zones. A ‘transformable zone’ for lectures or mobile show windows opens up to the customers as one passes the reception desk.

‘Transformable zone’

The geometric wall panels extend over to the ceiling with light streaming out of its division lines. A meeting room located in the center of the showroom framed with red glass walls attracts visitor’s attention while moving across the showroom.

Red glass walled meeting room

Freestanding lighting installations are lined up in the lobby across a room – ‘black box’. This black box room demonstrates light functionalities using a special control system.

‘Black Box’ room demonstrates luminaries with special control system

Furthermore, the ‘office zone’ displays a working space for managers whereas the director’s office is elevated on the podium.

Office zone – parametric furniture along with lighting systems


Director’s cabin on elevated podium showcasing appropriate lighting

Relaxed zone – 

A ‘relaxed zone’ showcases lighting for the kitchen space and chill out zone.

Comfy kitchen shades and luminaries

Opposite to this are the dressing room and bathroom whose lighting demonstrates a comfortable environment and relaxing mood. The colors picked for the relaxed zones have gray and powder tones which should remind cozy atmosphere of a dwelling for visitors.

One of the relaxed zone space

For the other spaces, as per the architect different shades of white color were used to demonstrate light production; broken edges emphasize relations between light and shade.

ALRIGHT, Showroom design, Flooring finishes

Flooring materials change as per the zone

The parametric tables for managers, broken hanging panels and partitions with built-in LED profiles, niches with illumination in partitions are among the design features in this lighting showroom.

Alright lighting showroom, 3D view, Axonometric view

View of the ceiling design and luminaries in each zone

Project details – 

Project name – ARLIGHT

Architect DUDES

Project Type – Commercial & Offices, Retail, Showroom

Client Name – PUE “Collection of Light”

Location – Minsk, Victory Avenue, 129, Belarus

Completion year – 2017

Photography – © Dudes Architects

Project area – 250 m2

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