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Ethical Fashion-Vegan wallets

 | 10 : 00 – 11 May 2017 |

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Vegan wallets are here !

In this era, fashion and design comes in all shapes and materials. 

And if the the material comes from unwanted banana tree trunks, then the end product is surely outstanding! This product isn’t coming from a high end fashion designer but from Matt Simpson – founder of ‘green banana paper‘. London city native, surfing enthusiast Matt went to Kosrae in Micronesia as a teaching volunteer and ended up being a leading example of creating sustainable, handmade fashion products – wallets and papers.

The journey – Vegan wallets

At the end of his volunteering program, he felt the need to give back to the community he taught after seeing many unemployed youths. The island has around 20,000 trees. Local farmers cut them down after every harvesting to boost further production. The cut down trees have huge amount of fiber which usually to go waste or are left to decompose.

Matt sensed the potential of using the fibers for making products after sourcing the cut trees from local farmers.  The products are a result of in depth research and trial and error methods. He built a small scale eco-factory on non agricultural land employing local artisans. Matt makes sure that all employees have access to safe and professional working environment. This created a long term social impact. This process created 21 new jobs for locals and got 75 farmers involved for sourcing material.

Matt Simpson, green banana paper, vegan wallet

Matt Simpson

From drying the fibers using trade winds to sun drying the papers and pressing them, each process involved in creating the products done is environment friendly. It has led to zero waste and Matt’s goal towards closed loop manufacturing. As per Matt, the only chemical used for design and decoration of the wallets are water based acrylic ink and tacky glue which is non toxic. Plus the wallets are stain and water resistant which makes them durable. The company recently tasted success while creating awareness and raised 250% more than the required goal through Kickstarter campaign.

Next time you travel, do carry these uniquely crafted vegan wallets!

vegan wallet, green banana paper

Inside !!!

Passport holder, green banana paper, vegan paper

Passport holder


green banana paper, team photo, Staff photo

Staff of Green Banana Paper


Green banana paper, Banana stump pulp paper, Banana plant waste paper

product dry off stage


Cutting process, Products manufacturing process

Cutting process

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