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| 03 : 00 – 5 May 2017 |


Dinnerware on dining table


Have you ever enjoyed a delicious cooked food on a fallen palm leaf palm? Sounds uhh….Leafware is here to help us do that.  Well if you haven’t yet, you can use and flaunt dinnerware by Leafware!

Dinnerware is such an inseparable part of every household. It’s so often used that we hardly understand how we can significantly contribute to the environment by using Eco dinnerware which is all natural, compostable and biodegradable.

The company –

Leafware – an innovative company manufactures products mainly dinnerware from fallen palm leaves. The collected leaves are carefully harvested, cleaned and pressed in various shapes to form plates bowls and trays. With a belief that quality doesn’t come at the expense of environment they are committed to a greener world. They have clearly highlighted the fact that no trees are cut to produce their products.

The products range look elegant, wholesome and natural as the food served in it. Their products such as bowls and trays are a great alternative to the rampant and traditional plastics used everyday. Certified by USDA as bio-based products, these eco wares are cold and heat resistant and safe to hold soups , curries, etc. The catering trays and serving platters come in sturdy shapes and sizes too.

Serving bowls with salad

Leafware bowls

Apart from the above, they have a amazing collection of cutlery made from birch wood which are natural and free from dyes and glazes making it easy to compost. Recently they have opened customization orders wherein one can add monograms, logo’s and even artwork onto the surface of the products!

Leafware have just raised the sustainable product bar.

So next time you party – party in eco style flaunting fallen leaf palm dinnerware!

Serving tray on dining table

Serving tray


Birchwood spoons



Eco dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves

Range of products


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