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| 12 : 00 – 2 June 2017 |


Installation of solar hybrid mill, Greenassests


WindStream Technologies have come up with a fully integrated powerful renewable energy device known as SolarMill which harnesses wind and solar energy.

Solar energy and heat from the sun is harnessed by humans since ages for numerous activities. With ever increasing global demand of energy consumption, a range of solar powered technologies have evolved to meet electricity needs. Various sources of renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas either in concentrated or limited forms which are sometimes inconsistent too.

So why depend on one form of energy when you can generate and maximize more power with two? How about Hybrid energy system ?

As per the company, SolarMills is the world’s first Wind Solar hybrid rooftop energy generator. With a capacity to withstand temperature range from -30°C to 50°C, the efficient system utilizes wind and solar energy. Plus its optimized for on and off grid installations. It consists of wind turbines and solar panel with inbuilt controllers. Power generated at maximum efficiency is maintained within the system without the need for additional hardware or software. Well, this feature makes the system of Solarmills quite unique.

Greenassests, Hybrid solar mills, solarmills


Such system is a boon to remote places especially mountainous regions where electricity is hard to reach, challenging and expensive. The Greenassests company have brought in this hybrid system to India with a initiative to provide sustainable and clean energy to the remote villages. Promoters of green, clean energy products, the company has successfully installed SolarMills at various places in India including at their own headquarter office rooftop in Uttarakhand, Dehradun.

Solar hybrid mill, Solar panels on rooftop, Solarmills


Achievements – Solar Mills 

The company was in news recently when set up what they claim to be Uttarakhand’s first ‘wind-solar hybrid electrical charging station’ in the city which harnesses power and is used to charge electrical devices. The system installed at present on Sahastradhara road, generates an average of 4-5 units of electricity per day.  It can charge over 150 smartphones daily!

Romik Rai, CEO and founder of Greenassets.in has said that “We have seen an enthusiastic response from many people who have been drawn to the system out of curiosity. After learning of its utility and environment-friendly benefits, they have started using it as well’.

Through such and many more initiatives they are hopeful of inspiring the youth towards using innovative renewable products leading to zero emissions!

The future of energy consumption is definitely going the green way !

All Image Credits – Greenassests