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| 14 : 15 – 28 February 2018 |



Meet ‘Tiblo ‘ from Moak Studio – the angular cabinet with a pitched top with pops of colors on its surface !

This storage cabinet from Moak studio based in Colombia is made from ash wood. Calling themselves as ‘wood lovers’, designers Mauricio Sanin & Kelly Durango have been working with wood and combining it with different materials to make unique products. The bold diagonal lines  with closed and open storage on the left side lets the furniture a ultra modern look while acting as a bookcase. The sleek and contemporary cabinet will stand out in any space like one’s office, living room or bedroom depending on individual taste.

White color combinations

From the designers –

Its contemporary colors and shape make this wooden storage unit stand out from the conventional and traditional rectangular furniture. The playfulness between its external diagonal lines, generates sloped surfaces allowing to store objects in a different way, letting our books to look more dynamic. Its interior preserves the traditional straight shelves to store a greater variety of objects.

Different color combinations

Product details:-

Product name – Tiblo storage unit

Studio name MOAK studio

Designers – Mauricio Sanin & Kelly Durango

Product type – Furniture design, Cabinet, Storage unit

Studio location – Cali, Colombia

Completion Year -2017

Photography Credits – © Mauricio Sanin

Materials used – Ash wood

Size – 60 cm x 40 cm x 150 cm high

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