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| 11 : 30 –  10 March 2018 |


Designed as a part of the ‘Minimal Home’ collection, ‘ Twofold ‘ is a multi functional streamlined shelf desk designed by Berlin based architect Michael Hilgers.

The desk which works like an extended surface after the fixed part is attached onto a wall and the folding portion can be pulled down to form an extended workspace. Once the work is done, the extended unit can easily be folded up to form a storage shelf. Made from wood, the designer Michael Hilgers used a traditional wooden joint as the connection between the two parts.


From the designers –

‘ Twofold ‘ is a wall mounted shelf that can transform into a simple space-saving desk. Made completely out of wood, twofold reinterprets a traditional wooden connection, turning the product into a hinge itself.




Made from plywood with a melamine coating, the multifunctional product can simply be mounted on any wall. Without any external fittings i.e., hinges, flap-holders, twofold opens and closes, turning into a neat bookshelf when you need it to be, and a rather comfortable work desk when you want it, without disrupting the arrangement of objects kept on your shelf.




Twofold can be mounted at a normal desk height for sitting, or it can also installed to be a standing desk, depending on the users requirements. It has an integrated cable opening at the bottom for charging your mobile devices.




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About Minimal Home –

Minimal Home offers practical solutions for minimal spaces, mobile furniture for a moving life, minimalistic living objects and multi-functional furniture ideas. All products are made from local solid wood /sustainable materials by selected medium-sized German manufacturers. The first Minimal Home collection was developed by the Berlin based designer Michael Hilgers.

Twofold, shelf desk, assembly detail, Michael Hilgers

Product details –


Product name – Twofold

Architect/ Designer – Studio Michael Hilgers |

Lead designer – Michael Hilgers

Client Name – Müller Möbelwerkstätten |

Product type – Furniture design, Desk, Shelf, Storage unit

Studio location – Berlin, Germany

Completion Year – 2017

Photography Credits – © Müller Möbelwerktstätten

Materials used – Wood with melamine finish


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