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| 16 : 00 – 12 May, 2018 |

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TAMEN, founded by Brooklyn-based designer Yoshiaki Ito designs a ‘puzzled’ Yosegi Stool as a part of the home collection of ‘Designed in New York, crafted in Japan’ series.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, 12 wooden pieces crafted with unique geometry form the overall body of the stool. A pair of these award winning stool are able to interlock and seamlessly fit into one another making it a space saving furniture. The inlaid wooden technique on the surface of the seat adds it a aesthetic touch apart from its functionality.

two wooden stools, Yosegi stool, Tamen

 A pair of Yosegi tools

From the designer – 

Introducing Their Yose-gi Stool, one or a pair is now a part of our home collection of ‘designed in New York, crafted in Japan’ series. It is inspired by a traditional Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzle, is designed with the Yose-gi technique, the art of creating beautiful patterns with inlaid wood, and the Tsugi-te technique, wood joints with geometric shapes.

wooden blocks, wooden stool fitting

Interlocking seamlessly into one another

A furniture puzzled piece right in your home!

The combined or nested stool seats one and is a space saver; it interlocks for easy storage and provides a unique twist to the traditional home stool. When separated, it provides a companion seat, footrest, footstool or a perfectly symmetrical twin to admire. Have fun stacking, mixing and matching this to any décor, but more importantly, let it give you the rest you need after you’ve nu-puzzled it.

Wooden stool, Block of wood, Furniture design, Home decor

Diamond shaped columns

The stool is crafted with beautiful Japanese Hinoki Cypress and Jindai Cedar, available in one or both. Each stool contains 12 diamond shaped columns with a uniquely cut geometry.

Twin Yosegi stools

Product details – 


Product name – Yosegi Stool

Brand name – TAMEN

Designer – Yoshiaki Ito

Product type – Furniture design, Home decor

Awards –  A’Design Award 2018 – Golden Award

Studio location – Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

Completion Year -2017

Photography Credits – © Yoshiaki Ito

Materials used – Hinoki Cypress,  Jindai Cedar


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