Roll tight! Paper Torch by Nendo Design

| 20.00 – 26 September 2017 |



Nendo Design from Japan have introduced Paper torch by printing durable electronic circuits on paper which emits light when rolled up tight!

Paper circuits are becoming increasingly popular in the electronics world. Printing durable electronic circuits on paper has been seen as a major breakthrough in making disposable and flexible electronic sensors that can be used for a wide range of medical purposes. Paper seems an easy choice for designers because of cost and easy to work factors.

Adapting these beneficial factors, Architect Oki Sato of Nendo design, designed a flashlight that emits light when rolled up tight.

Printed circuit on YUPO paper rolls up easily

From the designer –

Flashlights that have been designed using the technology of AgIC, that prints electronic circuit boards onto paper, films and cloth using silver particle ink. After testing various types of paper, we selected YUPO paper by Takeo that is used in ballot paper for elections.

Circuit for flashlight printed on YUPO paper


With YUPO paper, ink sits evenly and the smooth surface ensures the ink and paper can be rounded with minimal force, and are less likely to curl. The paper is also hard-wearing, water-resistant and therefore also suitable for industrial applications. The circuits on both sides of the paper were printed with a checker pattern, and two button cells and seven LED’s were glued on with conductive adhesive.

Button cells and LED’s on the paper 


Flashlight rolling up


Varying resistance – Varying light


The resistance was changed by varying the path length of each LED by adjusting how tight you roll the paper, enabling the lighting to be controlled. The longer the path the higher the resistance, conversely the shorter the path the lower the resistance. Due to the frictional resistance, light becomes dimmer when paper is rolled loosely and brighter when tightly rolled.


Additional features –


In addition to the above features, the LED printed on outer surface of paper change’s to warm orange color when wrapped up. While the paper is rolled inside out, the LED’s emit a white color light.


LED’s emitting warm color


It’s via these features that the designers seek out to provide users an colorful interactive lighting experience. The rolled up paper can act as a table lamp when pushed and held in place on a stand as well as a drop light too.


Paper torch as hanging light and table lamp


As the flashlight has water-repellent quality, they can be of great assistance in times of emergencies and disastrous events wherein electricity would be utmost required. What makes this flashlight unique is the use of technique and lighting design to create a circuit that combines durability, functionality as well as aesthetics.


So, roll up tight!

Product Details –

Architect – Oki Sato | Nendo 

ProductPaper Torch 

Location – 7-2-21-6F Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan

Photographer – Akihiro Yoshida

All images copyright – Akihiro Yoshida


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