Next Architects, design office, office interiors, interior design, Office

Next Architects transform an abandoned factory into a design office

| 22 : 00 – 06 December 2018 |

Next Architects, design office, office interiors, interior design, Office

Next Architects transform an abandoned factory in Beijing into a vibrant, open design office to accommodate its Beijing team.

The site is a former factory of People’s Education Press (PEP) located to the north of Beijing’s city center. The factory lay vacant since PEP moved their activities outside the cityscape. Amsterdam-based award-winning design firm of Next Architects renovated the industrial-style workplace into a dynamic office space.

Instead of demolishing it, the factory was meticulously redesigned to give an edgy-vibe working space.  The light, welcoming and open-concept new space is now a functional design office for its Beijing operations. Among many of its reformation is a double height staircase which doubles up as a theatre cum exhibition space.

Next Architects, design office, office interiors, interior design, Office

Double height stairs double up as theater and exhibition space

From the Architects –

NEXT architects transformed the former factory of the People’s Education Press (PEP) in the centre of Beijing into offices spaces for creative entrepreneurs. PEP is responsible for publishing around 99% of all children’s education books in China. In 2015 PEP moved their activities outside the city, leaving several abandoned factories just north of Beijing’s city centre.


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Rather than demolishing, we co-operated in the earliest initiatives to redevelop this area, transforming the outdated factories into a ‘creative district’. By now, online educational start-ups, website design companies and software companies have settled down here. Also NEXT architects China moved their offices to the former PEP factory in 2017. The interior of our office reflects our believe in essential conditions for creativity: openness, transparency and maximizing opportunities for exchange. Among others, a central stair doubles as theatre and exhibition space.


Next Architects, Office design, design studio, abandoned factory, renovation

Glass meeting rooms on first floor


The height of the existing industrial space is utilized as an integral part of the office. Two maple trees grow inside and two glass meeting rooms seem to float in this space. Original materials and details are kept as much as possible.


Project details –


Project Name – NEXT Architect’s Beijing office

Architect firm – Next Architects |

Project location – Nr 44 North, Third Ring Middle Road, 100088 Bejing, China

Project Type – Office, Commercial design, Renovation

Design team – John van de Water, Jiang Xiaofei Wang Jifei, Wang Yan, Zhou Tong, Gao Shuang, Wang Xiao, Ren Wanting

Floor area – 1000 sq. mt.

Client – Next Architects

Completion year – 2017

Photographs – © NEXT Architects, Beijing

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