organic tea, recycle, reduce. herbal tea, rhoeco, greece, Packaging design

Rhoeco – Greek treasure of organic tea

| 11 : 00 – 10 June 2017 |


organic tea, recycle, reduce. herbal tea, rhoeco, greece, packaging design



Get to planting after drinking ! That’s what Rhoeco – an freshly established eco brand of organic tea based in Thessaloniki, Greece wants its tea lovers to do.

The brand’s name Rhoeco has evolved from 3 word formation of a Greeklish quote which means ‘Energy flows, but matter is recycled’. Well, that’s truly reflected in the founder’s ambition. The team running the brand – Harry, Katerina and Vaya are professionals having expertise in organic agriculture, its production and ecological management. All the herbal tea products apart from being caffeine, sweetener free, contain no artificial flavors.

There is no doubt that the founders are promoting wellness of all tea lovers but also preserving nature as well while doing so. The brand nurturing sustainability and equity thought of a novel idea to make people do their bit.

organic tea, recycle, reduce. herbal tea, rhoeco, greece

drink it…plant it..nurture it

After extensive research, they came up with an innovative and creative way of recycling the container. This is reflected in their hand packed ‘packaging’ of organic tea flavours. The containers of each tea pack are reusable and biodegradable leaving behind zero waste.

Each package has a seed stick glued with a mix of organic seeds on the underside of the lid. Once the contents of the container is used, one can add soil to the emptied container and embed the stick in it. When the aromatic plant starts to grow, it can be placed furthermore in a bigger container or directly in one’s garden! Voila …!

organic tea, rhoeco, greece, ecoproduct, recycle container, plant tree

Here comes the first sprout

Rhoeco loves what they do and the way they work. That’s what exactly is reflected in their each product of herbal organic tea! The founders themselves carefully collect and sort the herbs from certified farmers. This way they ensure highest quality food reaches the masses over the quantity. The company has succeeded in growing their customer base with ‘reduce-recycle-reuse’ strategy and showed how each of us can contribute to it.

So next time when you ‘drink it…plant it’!!

organic tea, recycle, reduce. herbal tea, rhoeco, greece, packaging design

Tea and Plant Container

All Image Credit – Rhoeco