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| 15 : 00 – 7 March, 2018 |


Hauser & Wirth pop up bookstore


Inspired by the Granary shed in Somerset, Dongqi Architects design a 3 storey high pop-up bookshop for the famous publishers Hauser & Wirth in Shanghai.

Located within Modern Eye – a flagship bookstore in central Shanghai, the pavilion bookshop made from stainless and oak features a unique sloped roof framing. The pop-up installation was a part of the Shanghai art week which wrapped up in January 2018. Designed to showcase over 100 books, catalogues and monographs of various artists, the distinctive installation represented the 18th century farm buildings which were used to store reaped grains.

Hauser & Wirth, Library, Bookstore, bookshop

Aerial view of the bookstore

From the Architects – 

Dongqi Architects designed the Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ pop-up bookshop located within Modern Eye, the art space of Modern Media Group in central Shanghai. The pavilion is assembled in the 3-story-high space facing the main entrance to communicate the ethos of Hauser & Wirth by showcasing H&W publications, selected artist products and the story of the Hauser & Wirth gallery and farm in Somerset, England.

book exhibition, book shelf, Hauser & Wirth

Book displayed within the pavilion 

Inspiration –

The pavilion with sloped roof takes its inspiration from the Granary Shed – a traditional English grain store which sits elevated by Staddle stones at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in Somerset, England.

Stainless steel, Oak wood, Triangular pavilion, Pop up bookstore, bookshop

Steel and oak wood framing


Concept evolution 

Traditionally used to store grain reaped from the land, and to protect it from the elements, the Granary Shed concept at Modern Eye has been reinterpreted. To echo the grain stores’ simple shape and form within the bookstore space, on the one side array oak columns while mirror-finished stainless steel columns on the other side.

stainless steel frame, pavilion, bookshop

Stainless steel frames

Design –

The columns rise up to 3.5 meters high and then tilt as sloped roof until interposing with each other on the rooftop. 3mm-thick mirror-finished stainless steel sheets spacing 400mm, serving as bookshelves interpose with the columns.


Hauser & Wirth, Construction detail, Sketch, bookshop

Construction details

The steel sheets horizontally bind up with the columns and help to stabilize the whole structural system. The stairs and platform are designed to be interposed with the main structure.


Arrangement of the bookstore


Plants lined up near the shelves


Hauser & Wirth, Plants near bookstore

Native plants to showcase landscape of England

Grasses and flowers are planted on the two existing tables to illustrate the landscape of Durslade farm in Somerset, England. The mirrored stainless steel sheets reflect the surroundings and merge into the space, which contrast with the material of oak. Meanwhile, display the different views and details of books through multiple reflections. Dialogue between void and solid, finite and infinite runs through the whole concept of the pop-up bookshop.

Grass and flowers at the Hauser & Wirth pop up bookstore

Mirror finish reflects the plants 


book shelf, Pop up bookstore

Book shelf


Pop up book store, Book installation, bookshop

Approach way to the bookshop

The concept of the structure creates dialogue between reality and virtuality, tangibility and imagination, nature and civilisation, precision and infinity.

Project details  –

Project Name – Hauser & Wirth Pop-up Bookshop

Location – Modern eye bookstore, Bridge 8, Jianguo Middle Road, Shanghai, China

Architect Firm – Dongqi Architects |

Lead Architect – Jiang Nan, Yiting Ma, Wenyi Han

Design Team – Yiting Ma, Wenyi Han

Client name – Hauser & Wirth

Project type – Pavilion, Installation design, Exhibit design

Photography Credits – © Raitt Liu

Sketches/Floor plans – © Dongqi Architects

Completion Year – 2017

Built Up Area – 30 sq. mt.

Materials used –

FramingStainless steel , Oak wood

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