Porcelain plates inspired by world’s unique buildings, cities!

| 11 : 00 – 30 November 2018 |

City plates, Porcelain plates, 3D landmarks, ceramic dish

Handmade by Studio Lorier, ‘City Plate’ is a usable porcelain plate that resembles a city’s unique shape and its main landmarks. 

Great for sharing food, storing items or just an awesome decoration piece, City Plate collection by Studio Lorier explores architectural landmarks and shapes. Based in Rotterdam, industrial designer Sander Lorier designs products that are simple,clean and functional. He intends his products will be a joy to use, hence are the City Plates which feature city’s landmarks in 3D.


City plates, porcelain plates, Studio Lorier, ceramic plates, ceramic dish, home decor, prodct design

Storing everyday items


Recently he launched a Kickstarter campaign with rewards for funding up the project. The collection currently includes landmarks of 10 different cities, including New York, London, San Francisco and more ! The eye-catching ‘London plate’ showcases Thames river running across the dish to hold sauces for sushi presentations.


Sushi, City Plates, Ceramic plates, Porcelain, city landmarks, Studio Lorier

The London City Plate

Press Release – Porcelain City Plate

Porcelain City plates inspired by the world’s unique buildings and cities, now on Kickstarter.

Studio Lorier announces a new addition in their collection; the City Plate. It is a porcelain platter, shaped in the texture of a well-known city and contains the main architectural landmarks. These trays can be used for presenting food, storing items or a great addition to any interior. By running a crowd-funding campaign, Studio Lorier tries to raise enough funds via Kickstarter for a diverse collection of the most popular cities around the world.


Presenting food in city plate !


Size of plate and landmark buildings

Each plate and landmark is handcrafted in their Rotterdam based studio. All miniature buildings are slib-cast into self-made molds. The landmarks are joined as a solid connection and all is finished with a non-toxic, food safe glaze that is even dishwasher proof.

City Plates, Product design , Ceramic plates, Studio Lorier, porcelain plates

Handmade slib cast moulds


City Plates, Ceramic plates, Porcelain plates, Product design, city landmarks, handmade ceramics, casting process

Cast molds of landmarks joined onto plates


During the crowd-funding campaign, people can support the project by funding it. Rewards vary from a set of mini landmarks, to an embossed city plate including its architecture. You can even get a fully customized plate, made to order.


City Plates – Studio Lorier

Supporters can choose from a list of the most popular cities, that will expand when extra funds will be raised. During the campaign, backers have the possibility to get the city plates for the lowest price ever until December 4th 2018.

City plates, Porcelain plate, ceramic plate,

City landmarks 


Ceramic plate, porcelain plate, wall plate, City plate, Studio Lorier

City Plate hung on wall

Studio Lorier is a design firm that is based in the Netherlands. It specializes in the design and manufacturing of transformable furniture and handcrafted ceramics. Designer Sander Lorier tells: ”As our client base has grown exponentially all over the world, we wanted to create a project that celebrates all these cities, with its unique look and characteristics.”

Soy sauce, Food platter, City plates, Ceramic food plate, Studio Lorier

Sushi presentation in City Plate

Product details –


Product name – City Plates – 3D porcelain plate

Architect/ Designer – Studio Lorier | www.studiolorier.com

Lead designer – Sander Lorier

Product type – Product design, Ceramics, Home decor

Studio location – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Completion Year – 2018

Materials used – Porcelain, Heat-safe glaze

Size – Dishes -11″ diameter/28 cms. approx. ,” high | Landmarks – 1 3/4″ ht. approx.

Photographs – © Studio Lorier

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