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| 15 : 00 – 20 December 2017 |

Yuan design studio, Hexagonal ruler

Hong Kong based Yuan Design Studio has crowdfunded a sleek, stylish and handy hexagonal ruler that professionals like architects, designers and sketchers can use it anywhere along their design journey.

Sudden flashes of inspiration and sketching can strike you anywhere. So keeping this into consideration Ken Lam from Yuan design studio came up with this thoughtful design of 4 types of rulers. Designed to fit in pockets, this ruler is one for the sketchers on the go, whether you are sitting in a cafe or at a park with your sketchbook. The Hexagonal ruler is a mini version of the traditional marking and sketching tools like the compass, protractor and other curve rulers templates.

Yuan Design Studio established in 2015 provides 3D printing and laser cutting services for independent designers. Ken gradually set up his own product line which mainly focuses on furniture design and lighting design.

Hexagonal ruler

Compact packing 

Made up in matte black and brass finish with contrasting markings, one call easily fall in love with this absolute symmetrical polygon – Hexagon. Each ruler has different sets of shape, lines and their combinations, so one can pick what suits to their needs. After launching on KickStarter, the designer has already garnered a lot of backers receiving an amount of HK$ 185,444 out of his HK$ 20,000 goal !

From the designer –

‘Hexagonal Ruler is a multi-functional and metallic ruler that is designed to make sketching handy in seconds. Flashes of inspiration are always unexpected; however normal sketching tools are large in size and not easy to be used in public occasions like cafe. Therefore, I’m inspired to craft 4 pieces of rulers in a moderate size. Each Hexagonal Ruler is only 72×62 mm with diverse functions like compass, protractor and template ruler… Tailor-made case carries a set of professional tool along your design journey.’

 1# – Lines, Line weight, ruler, circles and protractor


2# – Patterns, points and edges

Precise etching presents on 2 different metals to form the ‘Hexagonal Ruler’.

‘Matte black and white painted graduations marked on electroplated Stainless Steel. The contradiction between two extreme colors makes your work sharper and more remarkable ever. Wire drawn Brass gives the ruler a nice premium look, while the aging effects of the material will change the look and feel of each piece. As time goes by, Hexagonal ruler will become your personalized stationery.

Hexagonal ruler is a tool that simple, elegant, functional, and easy to use. It brings us for more freedom, quick edits and allows a flow of ideas that is hard to get when you work digitally’.

3# – Polygonal maze


4# – Playing with the curves


Pocket sized !

It’s time to redefine your sketch tool with this multi-functional hexagonal metallic ruler !

For more details, price and videos, watch them here.

Product details –


Product Name – Hexagonal ruler

Design OfficeYuan Design Studio

Designer – Ken Lam

Product type – Sketching tool, Product design

Project location – Hong Kong

Completion Year – 2017

Image Credits – ©Ken Lam


Materials –

Stainless Steel – Electroplated 304 grade

Brass – Wire drawn


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