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| 12 : 10 – 12 February 2018 |


Relax clock, Studio Dwas, White wall clock


The Relax clock by Studio DWAS  is a gentle reminder for individuals doing a 9am-6pm job – time after 6pm matters !

Every day, we see millions of people around the globe wake up to their alarm clocks, hit snooze, and sleepily head into work. Well, that’s the routine for most people who have to earn a living. This 9am-6pm work hours are coupled with stress and lifestyle habits that tend to literally take away your off time after 6pm too!

Design With A Story ‘ – DWAS studio based in Düsseldorf, Germany have come up with a clock to put up all these thought-provoking facts in their new product – Relax clock. Headed by two talented product designers Begüm Tomruk & Mirko Goetzen, they strive to tell a story through their each products like chairs, mirrors, lamps and clocks.

Through the Relax clock, they seek to remind many people who get wound in their routine, not to forget to cherish the time that is passing by.

Relax clock, Studio Dwas, White wall clock, Wall mounted clock, Product design

From the designers –

Relax Clock 

Today’s world is changing at a pace never seen before. Tempo is a need for individuals to keep up in today’s fast moving society. Areas of work and free time are dissolving, which has a clear impact on our social life’s.

Relax clock, Studio Dwas, White wall clock, Wall mounted clock, Product design

Wall mounted Relax clock

Time is becoming luxury.Click To Tweet

This clock captures this fact in an emotional way and reminds all of us that moments matter. Intentionally we used an area of frosted glass that barely shows the time to remind people that they can relax best when they are unaware of time.

2 sections via clear and frosted glass

The unique feature is a glass panel, which is divided into two sections by two different surface treatments – clear and frosted. While working (from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm), time is clearly visible through the clear glass.


When you are supposed to relax (from 6:00 pm to 9:00 am), indicator and numbers are barely visible behind the frosted glass surface to remind you that time matters.

Back cover



Product details –

Product name – Relax Clock

Studio name Studio DWAS

Lead Designers – Begüm Tomruk, Mirko Goetzen

Product type – Product design, Clock

Studio location – Düsseldorf,  Germany

Completion Year -2017, In progress

Photography Credits – © Studio DWAS

Materials used – Plastic, glass with frosted effect, 24 hour clock mechanism


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