Baker Street Boys, Side stand, Home decor, X tree, raw steel, wood

X-Tree project | Baker Street Boys

| 15 : 00 – 24 December 2017 |

Baker Street Boys, Side stand, Home decor, X tree, raw steel, wood

X-tree is an innovative multi-functional product from the London based design studio Baker Street Boys.

The product was developed as a limited edition and displayed at The Design Museum Christmas Market, London. The Design Museum is one of the world’s leading museums devoted to contemporary design in every form from furniture to graphics, and architecture to industrial design. The museum showcases creative design via  exhibitions, events and publishing. This year the exhibition opened for visitors between 1st December–3rd  December.

Nothing’s better than a multi use product designed to make life easier. Such product design is thought provoking and also serves different day to day functions.


About the product – 

Baker Street Boys is a London based design studio that creates statement furniture and homeware decor products to maximise living space. The X-tree product created on the lines of a conical tree is a piece of  magnet paired with a wooden base. The wooden base acts as a stand upon which the conical X- tree can be placed upon. One can decorate it using colorful magnets which can resemble a Christmas tree! When inverted the cone, fits in the central void created in the wooden base to act as a tiny side table.


Baker Street Boys, Side stand, Home decor, X tree, raw steel, wood

Multi functional X-tree

From the designer’s –

“Flip it over”

X-TREE is a Christmas tree you can use all year, use magnets to attach decoration or use it as a jewelry stand all year long. Turn it upside down and use as a side table.  It is a multi-functional statement design to show re-usability of the item as one piece of the furniture can be used in 3 different configuration. The piece main part is made from raw industrial steel and solid oak.

X-TREE is Baker Street Boys Creative Director Tomasz first statement design launching his research: “design and architectural solutions to global warming”


Product details :- 

Product name – X-TREE Project

Designer Studio Baker Street Boys

Lead Designer – Tomasz Danielec

LocationThe Design Museum, London

Project type – Product design, Furniture design, Home ware, Decor

Completion year – 2017

Photography Credit – ©Piotr Gregorczyk

Materials – Raw steel,  Solid oak


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