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Aculco holiday home | PPAA Arquitectos Asociados

| 20 : 00 – 26 June 2019 |

holiday home, home on mountain, landscape photo


A holiday home in Aculco designed by Mexico-based design practice PPAA, is surrounded by nature and completely disconnected from the city. 

Led by Architect Pablo Pérez Palacios, the team designed the house amid the stunning landscape of Aculco. The outcome is a abode which provides the occupants an escape place from the contemporary life with a place to relax. Surrounded by  impressive cliffs nearby, the weather is pleasing and serves as a perfect getaway for a leisure home.

holiday home, Aculo, home among forest

The holiday home amongst mountains

Built with basic building materials sourced locally, the design of stunning abode brings the exteriors within the overall spaces. The project was commissioned by two brothers who had discovered the site during a rock-climbing trip. They eventually bought the site and reforested it with a plan to build a holiday home.

Aculco holiday home, drone photo, aerial photo of a home

Aerial view of Aculco home amongst the reforested space

From the Architect –

The Aculco project is a holiday home completely isolated in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature. It is the ideal place to get in contact with our most elemental states, and get some rest from modern living in a natural environment, that has some impressive cliffs close by. The place was found by two brothers who love outdoor activities while they were in a rock climbing trip.

A quiet escape into the nature !


Aculco home, Sunset photo, holiday home

The house opens into the picturesque exteriors

The Aculco project was ordered by them a couple of years after they bought the area and reforested it. The architectural project was mainly guided by the qualities of the environment, so we sought to establish a reciprocal dialogue between the construction and its natural surrounding.

Aculco home

Impressive geometry of the holiday home


facade of a home, open porch

Simple construction + basic materials !

We went for simplicity, minimal need of maintenance, and intimacy with the panorama and the land. The house is made of block walls of quarry stone from the area, clay floors, wood and glass. We left every material in its raw state without covering it. The construction´s clear spaces become almost solely a  container of views.

seats around fireplace, fireplace in home, glass door

Living area around fireplace and outdoor porch


clay floor, clay walls, small kitchen

Kitchen space


Master bedroom

On another note, we found ourselves before a major challenge during the construction; this is, to cause the less possible impact on the environment, while we also had to  procure ourselves the necessary workforce and materials in an isolated place.

Night view of the abode

Aculco home, holiday home, family sitting in porch

A quiet escape from the busy city life

Project details –

Project name – Aculco holiday home

Architect – PPAA Arquitectos Asociados |

Project location – Aculco, State of Mexico

Project type – Residential architectureHoliday home

Completion year – 2017

Project team – Pablo Pérez Palacios, Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas Terán, José Luis Jiménez Rojas, BVG ingenierías

Photography – © Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma |

Built-up area – 90 m2

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