Architect Ryuji Kajino renovates a garage warehouse to indoor space

| 18 : 30 – 15 June 2018 |


Garage warehouse, Malubishi Architect's office exterior


Architect Ryuji Kajino renovates a garage warehouse in Okayama city to accommodate additional space for his family as well as to connect his office.

Malubishi Architects headed by Ryuji Kajino redesigned and renovated his home+office to create a modern working and living space.  The designer created a sprawling area by converting his garage warehouse into a family room and blended it harmoniously with his office space. With the addition of structural supports, fresh insulation, wooden flooring,  large windows and a clean beige color scheme, the house and office space lend in minimalistic value. The renovated office space which was a previously a liquor store now greets visitors with a glazed front and a wooden door. A sliding door was added as an internal connection between the office and added space. A library next to a fine metal base meeting table forms an integral part of the architect’s office.

The large rectangular window added to the renovated internal space. 

From the Architects – 

Before renovation, the second floor was a studio + bathroom, the first floor was the office and garage / warehouse. It was necessary to widen the internal floor area due to the change of family composition. Also the garage / warehouse part which is the external space was internalized and renovated to 2 rooms + storage room.

Large window, wooden flooring. Blinds for window, Living room decor

The garage, converted into a family space now boasts big window, wooden flooring and calm atmosphere


Structural framing and new flooring in progress for the garage space converted to indoor living area

Since the garage and warehouse were outside spaces, it was not insulated and it was necessary to insulate the floor, wall and ceiling. Also, because the floor is dirt finish, we bundled up and made the floor assembly and made a new floor.

Living room , Extended home in Japan, Storage space under staircase

Space under the stairs designed to accommodate storage and washing machine 


White painted sliding door separates the renovated spaces

Since the structure was exposed in the process of disassembling the inner wall, the structural metal was attached to the column beam and the earthquake-resistant reinforcement was carried out.

Blinds of a window, Japanese home

Sliding door as a connection between office and home


Wooden step, wooden flooring, Sliding door

New flooring added on the top of a display stand used in former liquor house

Interior decorated with teak flooring, plaster walls, plywood finished ceiling, and gathered up with calm tones. The entrance door has been replaced with double door, replaced by a cedar sawed finish with exterior doors with texture.

Architect's office, Mini Library, Meeting space in Malubishi Architects

A pendant lamp hangs above the meeting table in the architect’s office


Kid playing in living room, Japanese home

Black furniture and downlight against the beige colour tone of the walls

Project details : –


Project name – Renovation of SOHO / renovation of garage warehouse to indoor space

Architect – Malubishi Architects |

Lead Architect – Ryuji Kajino

Project location – Okayama-City, Okayama, Japan

Project type – Office spaceRenovation

Completion year – 2018

Built Up Area – 103.89 sq. m.

Photography – © Ryuji Kajino

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