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| 12 : 30 – 10 June 2018 |

car park facade, Amsterdam, Dok Architects, Brick patterns


Car Park Katwolderplein by Amsterdam based Dok Architecten is a remarkable building in city centre of Zwolle owing to its distinctive form.

Inspired by voyages along the Silk Road and caravanserai, the brickwork facade seems to curl around the building. The six storey car parking building is located next to a new mixed-use facility and has 28 electric charging points for vehicles. Adorned by five different patterns of brick masonry, the facade creates delightful play of light and shadows in the evening. The energy-efficient building from Dok Architecten has a rooftop covered with solar panels which support the energy consumption of the building functions. Conforming to Dutch BREEAM standards, internal smart lighting system turns on only when it senses activity.

Car Park Katwolderplein, Brick pattern facade building, Car parking building

Car park building along A28 motorway in Zwolle | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz


brick masonry, car park building in zwolle, Brick pattern facade

Brick patterns on the facade | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz

From the Architects – 

This eye-catching car park in Zwolle has its own distinctive look. Form and function are inspired by a voyage along the Silk Road through Central Asia, where travellers converge in a caravanserai, a place that provides caravans with shelter for the night. Eastern hues and patterns adorn the façade of the garage.

Car park building, Brick patterns of facade of car park building

Strategic building location close to city center | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz

It curls elegantly around the building, juts out at the top and is an accumulation of raised bricks. The masonry has five different patterns, which are magically accentuated by spotlights after sunset. That creates an almost dreamy atmosphere. Like a fairy tale.

Lighting of car park building at evening, Brick facade building lighting

Dramatic lighting illuminates the building | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz

The car park’s roof consists of 800 square metres of solar panels. Smart routing limits the needless emission of exhaust fumes, and the energy-efficient LED lighting system only turns on when there is activity. Sustainable visitors can charge their cars at one of the 28 charging points, and nature is welcome here as well.

Car park building interiors, Parking lots marked inside car park building

Smart, efficient lighting system within the car park building | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz


Red brick facade building, Car park building in Zwolle, Netherland

Side elevation of the car park building | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz

Green hanging plants adorn the rear façade, and there are nesting and shelter spots all around the car park for swallows and bats. Sustainable in nature, the car park conforms to Dutch BREEAM standards.

Car park building, Rear side, Planters hanging on rear facade

Rear side facade of the car park facility | Photo – © Arjen Schmitz

The location between the heart of the city and the A28 motorway was strategically chosen. With its warm appearance, the car park is a bridge between Katwolderplein, the Pathé cinema and the centre of Zwolle. It’s a caravanserai of our time: an oasis for the visitors and residents of a busy city.

Watercolor sketch, Car park building, Zwolle, Netherlands, Dok Architecten

Sketch from the architect © Dok Architecten

Project details –


Project Name – Car Park Katwolderplein

Architect  – Dok Architecten |

Project location – Katerdijk 2 B, 8011 BK Zwolle, The Netherlands

Lead Architect – Liesbeth van der Pol

Project team – Patrick Cannon, Ernst Verwijnen, Ruben Visser

Client name – Zwolle Township

Project type – Public, Parking building, Infrastructure

Built area – 22.000 sq. m (Gross built area)

Completion year – 2017

Photography – © Arjen Schmitz |

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