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| 15 : 15 – 22 May 2018 |

exposed brick wall, kindergarten, Vietnam

Chuon Chuon Kim 2 kindergarten designed by Vietnamese design firm Kientruc O has brick walled classrooms arranged in ascending spiral around a central circulation core.

The kindergarten – ‘ Like a Lego building’ is constructed in exposed brick patterns , colorful surfaces and gardens at several levels. Headed by Architect Đàm Vũ , the building’s circulation core forms a vibrant focal point around the invigorating interactive spaces created for the students.

wooden door, entrance door, yellow ceiling paint, brick roof

Entrance gate


Kids playing in kindergarten

 Colorful spaces

From the Architect – 

The Chuon Chuon Kim 2 kindergarten project was introduced to Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2 as an educational environment that captivates and stimulates meaningful cross interactions amongst the children and the adult. Instilled within the school is an openness with a spark of curiosity.

Staircases, Stairs

Connecting spaces to multi levels 

It allows people of all ages to venture and explore the space in a relaxing and calming atmosphere. As we have engaged in numerous educational projects, we recognize that these experiences are equally as important as the responsibility of nurturing the kids. It invokes a sense of pride, and interests within the teacher and the staffs. It inspires and embraces them, for they have chosen to dedicate their life for the education and the well-being of the children on a daily basis.

Children playing in kindergarten



Exposed brick wall building, Kindergarten

Exterior view

Like a giant Lego building, the kindergarten is constructed entirely in bare brick forming patterns and openings that is playful to the eyes, conveying a unique aesthetic value and promoting natural ventilation.

Sketch of brick facade

Brick walled facades


 Geometry of gabled walls

The core – 

Classrooms and utilities rooms are organized around a playful core. Each floor is arranged in an alternating pattern. This is to enhance vertical interaction, encourage children to be more receptive of their surroundings, and stimulate their inner creativity.



Circulation core

Juxtapose to the calming atmosphere of the classrooms, the core is ample and full of movement.  From the garden on ground floor, the spaces form an aperture that frame a continuous perspective that is visible from outside in and inside out.

Floor plans

Continually upward, the interior spaces connect to an open rooftop garden, awaiting to be discovered with a rewarding experience of the infinite vista of the Saigon river.

Sketch view of the kindergarten


Gabled walls and exposed brick roof

The journey of discovery in the kindergarten is a very liberating one. This is because of the continuous changes, and the endless experiences that are tailored personally to each spaces. Conclusively, Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten is a place of surprises.

A place that will never cease to tickle the curious souls, children and adult alike.

Classroom learning in progress


Conceptual model


A view of the connecting stairs


Night view of the terrace floor

Project details –


Project Name – Chuon Chuon Kim 2 kindergarten

Location – District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Architect Firm – KIENTRUC O |

Principal Architect – Đàm Vũ

Design team – Anni Lê, Tài Nguyễn, Dân Hồ, Phương Đoàn, Duy Tăng, Giang Lê, Đức Lê, Tân Phạm

Client – Chuon Chuon Kim Edu

Project type – Educational, Institutional, Kindergarten

Completion Year – 2017

Area –  Plot area – 409 sq.m.

Photography Credits – © Hiroyuki Oki

Construction – Đinh Đức Anh Vũ

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