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Coccole Bimbi clothing store located in Rutigliano area in metropolitan city of Bari, Italy is a culmination of art and design expressed by designer Silvio Girolamo.

Beyond just creating a good-looking store with aesthetically pleasing displays, retail store design is a well-thought-out strategy to set up a store in a certain way to optimize space and sales. In a retail store, one of the main priorities is to make the space feel appealing to the customers and to make them feel welcomed and appealing. Each retail store does that in its own way especially if its a store dedicated to kids clothing.

Silvio Griolamo’s works are based on simple, essential and elegant design solutions. For the Coccole Bimbi kid’s clothing store the designer ensured that the store design is colorful, vibrant and playful at the same time.

About the brand –

Coccole Bimbi was born in Puglia in 1989 as a small children’s clothing store. Today it represents an important reality on the territory and an international representative organization for the “kids fashion system”.


From the designer –

The new Coccole Bimbi is a luxury store far from the center of the city, in a bigger place to accommodate business management and sales activities. We are in an old dismantled repair shop in the production area of ​​Rutigliano (Bari).

Exteriors –

The dark shades of the outside are contrasted with the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds on the “tower”; this wall is designed to capture the attention of bystanders and to become the background of “social” photos. At the entrance, however, fifteen concrete cylinders of various heights and placed on the nodes of an imaginary grid, reinterpret the theme of the playground.


Interiors –

The interior is a big white box divided into three different areas: shop, logistic, offices. Anyway what we discover is a metropolitan microcosm that speaks of fashion and mix different languages: art, design, and happening. The industrial concrete floor, which does not hide the time marks, there is a big gray star on the doorstep that invites people to enter.

Floor layout of the store

Seven different areas have been identified and designed, according to different criteria and styles, each destined to a specific category of goods. A colorful wooden and tulle structure invites visitors to discover the space pointing to the first exhibition area where wood and plants (ferns and cocos nucifera) describe a postmodern jungle in which swings take the place of lianas.

Display upon entering the store


Wood and plants


[bctt tweet=”The materials chosen for the “street” area are the raw iron for the hangers and the neon tubes to create amazing play of light.” username=”adesignw”]


Shoe collection display

A rhomboid room, dedicated to special collections, stands in the middle of the space and immediately catches the attention. Externally it looks like a large white box, but it is entering that you feel the vibrant sense of astonishment given by the intense shades of pink, blue, purple and yellow.

Rhomboid room


Jackets section

The hanger system is dynamic and integrated into the walls through three openings of different shape. The “wow” effect is, however, given by the big papier-mâché shark that seems to swim undisturbed above us.

Shark !!

A stakes forest, the architectural details of the lodges and the sloping roof reveal a typical mountain landscape inside an industrial depot. The fitting rooms, warm and welcoming, are carefully designed and featured just like all the space, becoming an attraction for kids.



Fitting rooms

The area dedicated to the newborn babies is made by the revisited old furnishing system from the previous store. The graphic composition on the wall use, for example, the bamboo around the word ”baby” written with neon tubes.

Neon light on wall

Cash desk –

A long counter belonging to an important historic family of the city of Bari serves as a table and cash desk. Behind it, the wallpaper, specially designed for the shop, frames the last of the exhibition areas.

Coccole Bimbi is an evolving space that, reinforcing its image of living space, stimulating and dedicated to the experimentation, leads to the creation of new styles and trends, in the fashion field of course, but not only.


Cash desk


Custom designed wallpaper on shelves and wall

Project details –

Project Name – Cuddles Baby, Coccole Bimbi

DesignerSilvio Girolamo

Project Location – Via Conversano km.1+000, 70018 Rutigliano BA(Bari), Italy

Project typeRetail design, Interior design, Kids clothing Store, Showroom design

Completion year – 2017

Image credits – ©Silvio Girolamo


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