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Covered in aluminium shingles, the Dolní Břežany Sports Hall designed by Sporadical Architects is an ellipsoid structure nestled adjoining the primary school campus.

The striking modern building is located in the center of a development zone and serves as a place for physical education for primary students and public too. Apart from the administration areas, changing facilities, etc. the sports hall has a central play area can be divided vertically into three parts by mobile blinds making the place versatile.

Sports hall located adjoining the primary school

From the Architects – 

The new-build sports hall adjoins the Dolní Břežany primary school. It can be used by the school for physical education classes, and is open to the public for sports and cultural activities. Well integrated with its surroundings and the public space, its modern look is an attraction and inspiration for the area. The sports surface is 45 × 25 meters, and the grandstand provides seating for 250 spectators.

Interiors of the sports hall

Having undergone radical changes in the last few years, Dolní Břežany is a modern and attractive place for living. The municipality has been very active in cultivating the public space in the long term. So for them architecture and town planning aspects are a major focus when considering new projects. The primary school complex adjoining the sports hall has also undergone a major refurbishment and extension; the sports hall is its further development stage.

Ellipsoid structure

The Břežany School has obtained a new space for physical education; the hall is used by local sports clubs and by the general public in the evenings for recreational sports. The generous dimensions of the interior make the venue suitable for cultural and social events.

A great space for physical education

The building is situated on the edge of a built-up area, in the center of a large development zone. An attractive architectural concept – a spatial rotational ellipsoid form – is a response to both current requirements and an unknown future. The inauguration and operation of the hall can serve as a stimulus and inspiration for the further growth of the municipality, which is why the connection to the surroundings and the public space is as important as the natural link with the primary school.

Abstract shaped dome

Exterior design – 

The hall has a rounded, smooth and abstract shape. The dome draws the scale closer to humans, the metallic surface mirrors the surroundings, while the borders of the sky and of the roof remain blurred.

The structure camouflages with the sky

The building camouflages its real dimensions and looks smaller than it is in reality. The wide staircase in front of the hall, embedded into the terrain like the building itself, delineates the public space and creates a natural amphitheater.

Digital clock 



Interiors of the sports hall –

While the exterior distinguishes the sports hall from the school, the interior blends with it using a combination of white and grey surfaces and solid timber. The interior layout reflects the surroundings. The entrance for the visitors is perpendicular to the street and the parking lot, the west facing sliding window with a view of the town provides a connection with the school yard, and the east facing window is a peek into the future.


The hall is integrated into the school by means of a walkway. The heart of the hall is a sports surface of 45 × 25 meters, of 8–9 meters in height, vertically divided into three parts using mobile blinds. Each of the thirds fits a volleyball court; the division makes it possible to run three PE classes in parallel.




The changing rooms with sanitary facilities are situated on the school side, on the ground floor. The wall bars divide them from the sports area; the machine room and offices are on the first floor.




On the audience side, there is a grandstand for 250 spectators, located above storage rooms for sports equipment and other facilities. A gangway connecting the two parts of the grandstand overlooks an open vestibule with a snack bar, also an important space.

View of the grandstand


Concrete benches with wooden surface

The Les kanců graphic design studio designed an original signage system for the sports hall. It consists of pictograms and numbers hand-painted directly on the walls made of architectural concrete.

Construction – 

The construction of the hall combines arched walls made of load-bearing reinforced concrete and spatial steel latticed roof with bent truss frames with a width of span up to 44 meters. The facade is made of PREFA ridge shingles made of natural aluminum. The surface of the roof section with light tubes is covered by a white Firestone UltraPly TPO waterproofing membrane.

A number of acoustic measures have been applied in the hall to achieve necessary reverberation time and good speech clarity. The ceiling and wall parts are lined with Ecophon Super G resistant acoustic panels; larch cladding has been applied up to the height of 2.5 meters. Heating and cooling is provided by a heat pump, drawing the heat from subsoil using a system of 24 boreholes with a depth of 112 meters. The financial return of the system has been calculated to 8 years.


Linosport xf2 sports flooring has been placed on a flexible surface base, with REHAU underfloor heating installed underneath. Daylight reaches the hall through 68 Lightway Maximus light tubes with a diameter of 1.2 meters. The Philips artificial light system includes a light exposure sensor, allowing automatic regulation of intensity and lighting consumption depending on daytime. Philips Pacific LED lighting has been installed in the hall.

Sports hall, Seating area

View of the entrance to the court

Project Details :–

Project Name – Dolní Břežany Sports Hall

Architect – Sporadical |

Design team – Aleš Kubalík, Josef Kocián, Jakub Našinec, Veronika Sávová

Project location – Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic

Client – Town Dolní Břežany,  5, Května 76, Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic

Project Type – Sports center, Pavilion

Completion year -2017

Built up area – Gross area – 2130 m2 | Building volume – 20,750 m3 | Site area – 6500 m2

Collaborator’s – VPÚ Deco Praha a.s.

Photography Credit – © Jakub Skokan, ©Martin Tůma – BoysPlayNice

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