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A unique sea facing accommodation – ‘Dor huts’ designed by Ron Shenkin Studio for Design and Architecture sits across the northern coast of Israel. 

Located on an expansive property along the beach, three prefabricated huts were designed in a factory and later placed on-site. This ensured that the environment and serene surroundings were left unharmed. The sea facing bungalows have a minimalist interior decor with modern amenities for holiday break accommodation. Each of the bungalows have sliding door opening into a private deck which allow guests to have a view of the picturesque ocean. There is a central garden and open dining area which overlooks the swimming pool located close to the ocean.


Dor huts, Israel, Sea facing huts, Wooden pergola

Deck covered by extended pergolas

From the Architect – 

The essence of the structure – Accommodation for recreation.

The compound –

The bungalows cum huts are part of a complex of 0.75 acre which combines various attractions – walkways, gardens, vegetable gardens, swimming pool, gazebos and a path that leads to the beach.

Site plan, Dor huts, Concept plan

 Site plan – Dor huts

The Bungalows –

All bungalows face the sea. Hovering over the landscape over the west side is a pergola and wooden beams on the sides for a feeling of intimacy. Two kind of models were designed.


natural light inside home, Bedroom with outdoor deck, Dor huts

Deck lets in natural light 

First model – A family bungalow with a private bedroom, enclose bathroom and shower and an open space plan with a sofa bed. The second model – Is an open space plan were the center is the queen size bed and all the amenities such as the shower and tub are open to the space. All the bungalows have a well fitted kitchen, a hot tub, queen size bed, bathroom, standing shower, balcony with a sea view a sofa bed and t.v.

Minimalist interiors, Kitchen, Holiday huts, Dor, Israel

Colorful boxes for the kitchen

The construction –

A 1.2 meter high concrete platform was poured on site to make the base of the building. The contractor used the American system: the construction of wooden walls were pre-fabricated in the factory and brought for assembly on site on the concrete surface. All the walls are plaster on the interior side with a high thermal insulation.

Materials and colors –

The Bungalows are made with a minimalistic palate combined of gray, black and natural pine. The structure platform is made of unpainted concrete All the wood is a natural pine, inside and out and all around the bungalow. The openings in the bungalow are made of black anodized aluminum.

Dor huts, Israel, garden facing huts

Garden around the huts

The interior walls are painted in no gloss silky white paint. The furniture: The furniture was specially designed according to the total concept. In the kitchen we introduced colors using natural Birch wood boxes and colorful doors and different size legs so the design was made to look very airy and playful rather than a traditional looking –heavy feeling kitchen. The TV cupboard continues the design with its colorful boxy design.

White interiors, Living room, Holiday huts

Living space connected to deck

The primary intention for the interior design was to create a home away from home, without taking it too seriously and feel comfortable to be yourself and just relax.

Huts, Cabins, Exterior view, Wooden bungalows

Amongst the gardens, stand the Dor huts

Project details –


Project Name – Dor Huts

Location – Dor, Israel

Architect Firm Ron Shenkin Studio for Design and Architecture

Lead Architect – Ron Shenkin

Project type – Residential design, Holiday home, Cabins

Photography Credits – © Gilad Radat Photography

Completion Year – 2016

Built Up Area – 1000 sqft – 3000 sqft

Contractor – Ziv Alon Ltd

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