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  | 12 : 30 – 16 May 2018 |


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Seattle based architecture firm Graham Baba Architects renovate a former auction house into a studio dedicated to master glass artist Lino Tagliapietra.

Venetian artist Lino Tagliapietra is a world-renowned glass artist, with a studio on Murano Island, Venice as well as Seattle, Washington. The Seattle gallery is a reworking of a building formerly used as an auction house. A clerestory-topped light monitor was introduced over the center of the space to naturally light the art.

The glass artist who has worked extensively in the United States is a renowned teacher and mentor. He is well known for his international exchange of glassblowing processes and techniques over various geographical boundaries. Multiple award winning design firm Graham Baba Architects renovated the existing building and transformed into a seamless space showcasing some of the finest works of the master glass artist.


Entrance of a building, Steel signage, Metal door

 Signage at the entrance door

From the Architects – 

Located in Belltown, a downtown Seattle neighborhood, this studio is dedicated to the display of Lino Tagliapietra’s glass art. Tagliapietra’s work explores the limits of glass—its form, texture, and color. In response to the drama of his work, the space itself becomes an exercise in restraint, a quiet armature and environment in which art becomes the focal point.


Wooden door, Metal framework for shop front, Entrance space

Entrance space within the studio

Most recently serving as home to an auction company, the studio occupies a 1917, one-story, masonry and heavy-timber-framed warehouse building, which presents a quiet presence to its urban setting. The entry is defined by a large wood-and-steel door which incorporates a modest illuminated cut-steel sign announcing the venue. Inside, the entry opens onto a sloping interior ramp which parallels the studio itself, which is essentially one large, 6,100-square-foot space.


Ramp showcasing glass works leads to the studio space

Floor plan after renovation


Brick facade, Building entrance, Brick cladding, Glass and brick facade

Distinctive entrance of the studio

The brick interior has been painted matte gray, while floors are made with a subtly bleached white oak. Overhead, a 16-foot-wide-by-45-foot-long light monitor floats above the center of the space. Translucent clerestory glazing brings daylight into the space.

Glass art display, Exhibition space, Exhibit design, Glass work

Glass works of the artist displayed on stands


CAD drawing, Building section

Building sections

The underside of the monitor features a curved soffit that softly shapes the daylight that fills the space. The client refers to the light-filled space created by the monitor as the cube. The cube serves as an illuminated volume in which to hang large collections of glass pieces or to feature tall works. Indirect light sources inset into the monitor provide dramatic lighting in the evening.

Glass art, Glass work display, Exhibit design

An exclusive work display

Details – 

Details within the space are kept to a minimum and serve as a quiet counterpoint to the art and the elemental materials inherent to the building. Support spaces, including a glass-fronted office and conference room, restrooms, kitchenette and storage, round out the functions on the main floor.

Open office, Conference, Modern office, Glass front

Office and conference spaces


Conference room, Open office, Glass artist gallery

Glass enclosure for the office spaces

Custom-designed Europly cabinetry and hot-rolled steel and Europly furniture fit out the spaces. The conference table is built from fir beams reclaimed from the building construction. Elemental steel display stands of various heights and steel wall and ceiling mounts support the art.

Exhibition space, Art gallery, Glass artist gallery

Glass works hung under curved soffit alongwith overall display in studio


Open office, Glass enclosed conference room, Office space

Customized Europly furniture fits outs in office spaces

Project details –


Project Name – Lino Tagliapietra glass studio

Architect Firm – Graham Baba Architects |

Project location – Seattle, Washington, United States of America

Lead Architect – Jim Graham

Design team – Leann Crist- Project architect, Francesco Borghesi – Designer, Susan Tillack – Designer, Bobby Olsen –      Architectural staff

Interior design – Graham Baba Architects

Project type –  Cultural and arts, Arts gallery, Exhibition center

Photography Credits – © Benjamin Benschneider

Structural engineering – Degenkolb Engineers

Lighting design – Graham Baba Architects

Design-build Mechanical engineering – Premier Mechanical

Design-build Electrical engineering – Pinnacle Electric

General contractor – Dovetail


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