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‘Monocabin’ – a micro home designed by Mandalaki Studio, a design office in Milan seeks to explore an individual’s space via this summer retreat cabin.

Perfected to every minute detail, the modular cabin is designed by George (koli) Kolliopoulos, Enrico De Lotto and Giovanni Senin who are co-founders of Mandalaki. The cabin envisioned as a ‘small space with big heart’ is 26 of space where the white stark walls and large windows are the only interface between exteriors and interiors.

Measuring 4.2 X 8.0 X 3.5 mts. the cabin can house 2 people and took 3 months for its completion. The designers have a great workplace in Milan which reflect their vision and philosophy in designing their projects.

Design office, Architect office, Mandalaki, Milan

Mandalaki’s new swanky office

From the Architects –

Small space, big heart.

A micro home designed by Mandalaki studio to the very last detail. Monocabin is conceived around exploring the intimate space of an individual in order to create the perfect summer getaway.

Glass windows let in natural light

Mandalaki Design Studio is taking things a step further by playing host to their first architectural prototype exemplifying their vision of design. A small but comfortable house with unusual dimensions located on the island of Rhodes, the largest island of the Dodecanese islands in Greece.

Location –

Monocabin is situated in a strategic point on the island. Not only is it in Lalisos, the most upscale residential area of Rhodes but also within easy reach of the airport, the city center and its port. Most important, it is only a 200 meters walk to the beach and its crystal clear waters.

Location – Monocabin

Monocabin is the combination of an architectural house proposal while showcasing at the same time Mandalaki’s own design collection, and an inspirational space, defined as a small gallery dedicated to limited edition contemporary pieces made by artist friends. Unification here is define as a « laboratory-space » dedicated to all forms of art and life. A place where design is used as a service to guests, to make their experience meaningful and unforgettable.

MonocabinSketch view

Architecture –

A livable design object

Monocabin explores the desire to juxtapose the sleek, streamline design of a modern structure with the organic environment of the surrounding nature into a livable design object.

View, Axonometric, Slab, Window, Walls Monocabin

View of the assembled elements

Staying in Monocabin

Life rhythm with natural scheme

The proposal is a space where walls and windows are only the interface between the outside and the inside offering the choice to be protected from the outside or to be directly connected with the outside. The feeling of being inside, as the outside breezes in.

View of the kitchen and bed space within the Monocabin

A view of the skylight

Accentuating the sensation of living in nature by blurring indoor and outdoor space in a unique way to experience falling a sleep with the night light and waking up with the blue sky to focus on what is important – nature. Blinds will ensure you are always in control with the surroundings.

Closet, Bedroom, Monocabin

Simple – Mini closet across the bed


Each piece of furniture is conceived « made to measure » to make the space a better place to be lived in. Nothing garish, just a proposal with the perspective for our host to return to oneself.

Bathroom decor, Bathroom design, White bathroom, Monocabin

Indoor bathroom

Nature in focus

The tailor-made bathroom illustrates the coherence in the materials used in the Monocabin, where nature is the gathering point of each space.

Outdoor shower area

Outdoor –

In the open air

Design spaces and objects around the garden will make our host appreciate even more their outdoor experience. Functionality and simplicity have been crafted around each corner of the house.

Monocabin, Outdoor dining area, breakfast table

Outdoor experience

Under the trees –

Monocabin incorporates the surrounding trees to help cool down the environment of this summer getaway making vegetation a simple and effective way to provide shaded areas. A sustainable beauty to improve the quality of life during peak island weather.

Monocabin, Entrance

Entrance to main cabin


Relaxing space, Outdoor, Solar lamps

Outdoor relaxing space

Collection –

A habitable art gallery

When art meets design in the setup of an unforgettable stay. The idea of a habitable gallery is to give the space a reason of being beyond a fully functional holiday house.

(Clockwise) – Monocabin shelf, Ross & Brown eyeware, Brick solar lamp and Sofia – aroma diffuser with ambient light


Close view of the marble shelf

A couple of artists have been invited to make hand-crafted creations for this tailor-made space. The interventions of the artists remain very respectful of the spirit of the place, starting with its architecture.

Intention – Monocabin

They provide tone, but do not pin down the context. Quite the opposite; they reveal it. They act like imprints which one can choose to ignore, analyze or fall in love with. To support their work, these limited edition pieces will be sold via Monocabin’s website. The intention is to offer a maximum of visibility to the artists while giving at the same time the possibility for the hosts to have an actual piece of the house as souvenir.

Monocabin, Greece

Night view


Kitchen, Design, Decor, White walls, Monocabin

Kitchen and dining space

Axonometric view, Monocabin, Greece

Axonometric view – Monocabin


Monocabin offers hospitality to artists and designers.Click To Tweet

The residency is conceived as a holiday house such as a work place. The artists and designers in residence will be asked to work on a project proposal which will be produced during their stay for the house.

Monocabin is available for booking at this link.

Project details –

Project Name – Monocabin

Location – Rhodes (Rodos) , Greece

Architect Firm – Mandalaki Design Studio

Lead designers –  George (koli) Kolliopoulos, Enrico De Lotto, Giovanni Senin

Website |

Project type – Summer house, Cabin retreat

Photography and sketches  – © Mandalaki Design Studio

Art direction – Mandalaki and Viviane Yazdani

Completion Year – 2017

Energy efficiency – A+++

Built up Area – 160 sq. mt. |  Built-up area of house –  26 sq. mt.

Size of cabin – 4.2 X 8.0 X 3.5 mt.

Project Cost – 25.000 Euro

Materials – 

Main materialMarble, Concrete, Glass

Structure material – ISO Concrete

Thermal insulation – Polyurethane Foam

Windows – 8 units with Aluminium frames

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