AD house by Kotra Architect

| 22 : 00 – 24 October 2017 |


Kotra Architects team based in Belarus have set an example of a picturesque house inspired from mountains.

The splendid white structure designed by team –  Kotra architects from Minsk , sits along a rocky slope in South of Russia. The private house is nestled against a rock landscape and plush greenery providing the best views of the surrounding environment. The abode, inspired by the mountain lines is located at the end of the sloped highland with a serene view of the courtyard on its rear end.

AD house perched at sloping end

The external structure covered in white paint has wide balconies covered in natural wood on its front facade. Garage on the ground level has a natural stone wall enclosure around it with the white volume standing centrally within it.

AD house – Front facade

From the Architect –

‘The mountain area has created an image which we have taken as a basis and developed it in the context of this project. Dynamics and morphology of the area are reflected in the form of a house. The peaked roof slopes directed in different directions give a reference to a form of mountains and harmoniously fit into a semantic context of the area’.

Natural finish material adorn the facade

‘One of the primary goals was to connect the spirit of the terrain, with its materials and manner, and integrate it with modern materials and forms. Finishing materials were deliberately chosen to be natural and, what is no least — local. The stone which has laid out the foundation of the house creates a peculiar pedestal, base for white volume, emphasizing and allocating him’.

Sketch – The design process includes all factors

The meticulous layout of the home is based on two division zones namely – public and private. The public zone includes the parking garage and entryway highlighted due to a ‘high entrance portal and wall of stone’.

The public zone – High entrance portal and parking garage

The rear side of the house encloses the private zone which has a terrace and a small courtyard across the pool.

Rear view of the house – Private zone

Beyond the pool are a series of random steps that lead to the garden placed along the mountain scape.

Steps along pool lead to garden

Internally the functions are arranged along the stairs in 3 blocks. The first block has the boiler and other technical functions. The Living and recreational spaces on second floor offer direct access to the outdoors.



This floor connects to a terrace and the backyard. The third block has the guest room. All the bedrooms have balconies giving views of the surrounding serene landscape.

3D view 

House on steep sites come with the advantage of panoramic vistas and the designers have stayed up to that mark of connecting outdoor and indoors seamlessly.

Windows along the Southern wall

Project details –

Project Name – AD house

ArchitectsKotra Architects

Project Type – Residential

Location – South of Russia

Built up Area – 278.9 m2

Photography – ©Kotra Architects


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