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Museum of Modern art | Roman Berdnik

| 12 : 30 – 31 January 2018 |



The Museum of Modern art – RnDMoMA is the project work of Roman Berdnik from his academic years which presents his fresh take on redesigning the museum located in Rostov on Don in Russia.

Located in a prominent square, the proposed design for the museum is a clear attempt to incorporate the contemporary methodology while fitting into historical framework.

About the designer –

Roman Berdnik – recent graduate of the Rostov Academy of Architecture and Arts (AAI SFU) is a beginner architect and designer working in such areas as architecture, urban planning, reconstruction, landscape design and interior design.

From the designer –

The museum site is located in the historical center of Rostov-on-Don at the intersection of Budenovsky Avenue and Pushkinskaya Street, that is why the main goal is to fit into the historical context.


Aerial view of the proposed museum and city skyline

Site location

This requires retention of the building line and number of stories. To make the building not seem too massive, it’s suggested to complicate its geometry by shifting the upper corner of the building deep into. In this way the useful volume does not decrease significantly, but the building is in better contact with the surrounding.

Ground and first floor plan

Public spaces – Museum of Modern Art

Creating an interesting public space was also an important task, as it will help increase the number of potential visitors. For this purpose, a public square is organized in the front of the entrance to the museum and the accessible roof, with which anyone can admire the views of the city. Also to attract visitors a bright exhibit was installed in the square, which can be seen from the street.

Exterior public space

Special conditions of the site dictate such an arrangement of functional zones. For example, maintenance facilities and entry to underground parking should be made lower in terms of terrain in order to economize on the constructing of ramps, and the square should be located away from the noisy avenue, especially if the city park is located on the other side of the site.

Circulation space


Museum, museum design, Museum of Modern Art, Russia

Exhibition space

The internal space is a combination of the classical scheme of consecutive halls with the labyrinth system, which allowed to obtain an unusual route, and the alternation of large and small, light and dark spaces allows you to get a lot of different sensations.

Museum, museum design, Museum of Modern Art, Russia, Museum interiors, Artworks

High ceiling with skylight in roof brings in natural light



Museum, museum design, Museum of Modern Art, Russia, Museum interiors

Artwork within museum


Museum, museum design, Museum of Modern Art, Russia, Cafeteria, interior design

Visitor cafeteria


Museum, museum design, Museum of Modern Art, Russia

Rotating partition walls

Twisting walls like in the movie “The Maze Runner” make the space transformable, which can be useful in decorating the exhibition.


Project details –

Project name – RnDMoMA – Museum of Modern art

Student nameRoman Berdnik

Project location – Rostov-On-Don, Rostov Oblast, Russia

Completion Year – 2017

Project typeMuseum, Culture and Arts, Exhibition

Project Stage – Student/Academic work, Design proposal

Built Up Area – 5940 m2

Photography Credits – © Roman Berdnik

Products – Facade decoration – Travertine

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