Myeonmok fire station, fire station, Seoul, Korea, building facade

Myeonmok Fire Station | Yong Ju Lee Architecture

| 18 : 00 – 03 December 2018 |


Myeonmok Fire Station, fire station, seoul, korea, Yong Ju Lee Architecture


Myeonmok fire station in Seoul by Yong Ju Lee Architecture has a distinct facade giving a unique identity to public infrastructure.

Designed in response to meet efficient fire services of the city, the facility breaks the visual monotony of a typical ‘red color’ fire station. Symbolizing quick mobility of fire trucks, the facade features slanting louvers with window punctures at different levels.

Myeonmok Fire Station, fire station, seoul, korea, Yong Ju Lee Architecture, louvers, facade


Short and clear circulation spaces enhance the functionality of the front area spaces which has fire truck parking and main office facing front road. A first-aid room and library for the fire staff personnel are located in basement floor while the restrooms are located at the rear side of the fire station for privacy.

fire station, Seoul, Korea

From the Architects –  

Previous fire station in Myeonmok area could not handle fire-service demand efficiently with its old facilities. New proposed fire station improves the working condition and provides locals the sense of firefighting safety by unique architectural symbol.


Program layout for short circulation and open offices increases work efficiency and firefighters’ mobilization for emergency response. Its distinct image of elevation will suggest new identity of fire station as public building.

fire station, seoul, korea, jong lee architecture,3d view


Axonometric view of Myeonmok Fire Station

Myeonmok fire station, CAD floor plans, architectural drawings

Floor plans – Myeonmok Fire Station

Located in residential area with large apartment complex, it faces 6-lane road on front side and retaining wall at backside from Jungnang Stream. The garage for three fire vehicles and main office with an abundance of windows are positioned facing directly to main road.

Fire station, Seoul, Korea

Fire truck and vehicle parking


It helps effective civil service and open and active attitude as an essential public infrastructure. Programs on upper floors are nearby vertical circulation and most bedrooms are at the back of the building for more intimacy.


Fire station, Yong Lee Architecture, Seoul, Korea

Offices on ground floor

Building sections

The louvers in elevation symbolize quick mobilization of fire trucks. The gradient pattern generated combined by two louver types of different depth (100mm, 200mm) is employed to maximize this concept. This skin can provide functional advantage blocking direct sunlight, but gaining enough lighting, openness as well as conceptual idea.

Myeonmok Fire Station, fire station, seoul, korea, Yong Ju Lee Architecture, louvers, facade design

Louvers covering the facade

The windows with or without covered louvers based on inner programs give depth and variation in the elevation. While many fire stations stand out the most visually in urban context to symbolize their identity by red color and bold signage, this new station tries to deal with it by the building itself.

Myeonmok fire station

Modernistic signage

Project details –


Project Name – Myeonmok Fire Station

Architect firm – Yong Ju Lee Architecture |

Architect of record – UPEM Architects

Project location – 475 Dongillo, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Korea

Project Type – Fire Station, Public service building, Infrastructure

Built up area – 169.14 sq. mt. | Gross area – 630.76 sq. mt.

Client – Jungnang Fire Station

Completion year – 2018

Photographs – © Kyungsub Shin Photography |


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