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Transformation of old store into a design studio

| 15 : 00 – 22 October 2018 |


NUA Arquitecture, design studio, Brick vaults, office space, office furniture


Tarragona based NUA Arquitectures remodel an old store into it’s own design studio overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Once a compact storage room, the transformed office space now accommodates bright, airy and spacious workplace of the design studio. The architects work desk occupies the central axis of the space, around arches forming intersecting spaces. Part of the original brick walls were left exposed, while some were painted white offering a contrast between the new and old. For the sake of distinction, a stair hallway delineates the working and entry areas while visually connecting indoors and outdoors. Customized pinewood furniture storage is placed along the niches in brick arches.

NUA Arquitecture, design studio, Brick vaults, office space, office furniture

View of the design studio from hallway

From the Architects –  

Tarragona, strategically located on a hill, has a close relationship with the Mediterranean. This geographical duality makes it possible to find such privileged places such as this studio, one of the few workplaces of the city with a sea view. The aim of the project is to bring back the space used as storage for a long time and turn it into a wide and bright workplace. The intervention was structured in three actions.


NUA Arquitecture, design studio, Brick vaults, office space, office furniture

Central work desk, Space in between the brick arches occupy storage units


stone cladding, Stone facade building, NUA design studio, Spain, glass windows

Exterior of the historical building

Undress –

We discovered the original structure of the building built in 1931, the house Antoni Rosell Fortuny, by the Architect Francesc de Paula Morera Gatell. We rendered the brick wall in order to allow them to breathe and avoid deterioration caused by humidity.

Old photograph, Black and white photo, Old building construction, Spain

Photo captured during the construction dating to 1931


White paint, Brick wall, design studio, NUA architecture

Rendering the brick wall

Open –

We maximized the relationship between indoors and outdoors, encouraging visual contact with the sea. We removed walls connecting visually the studio with the common hall and public space. The arched structure helped to organize the space.


NUA design office, Entrance, Staircase

Stairway entry to NUA design office


NUA, design studio, CAD floor plan, Elevations

Floor plan and elevations


Axonometric view, NUA design Studio, Spain

Axonometric view of the elements blended in the design studio

Inhabit –

We defined and personalized the studio using different pieces of furniture made out of pinewood which adapt to the space and the activities which are developed in it.


Brick arches, brick interior, design studio, Spain, NUA Arquitecture, White paint

Old and new contrast


NUA Arquitecture, Brick wall, Office furniture, magazine storage, white wall, design studio, Spain

Pinewood storage furniture

“Undress, open and inhabit the space.” 

Bring back the original spirit of the building encouraging new physical and visual connections.

Furniture detail, Work desk, pinewood furniture, Wire jack

Work desk details


NUA Arquitecture, Brick arch, Glass window, white wall, design studio, Spain

Confluence of glass, wood, brick and white paint

Project details –


Project Name – NUA Studio

Architect Firm – NUA Studio  |

Project location – Bajada de toro nº5, Tarragona, Spain

Design team – Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena, Ferran Tiñena

Project type Officedesign studio

Photography Credits – © NUA Arquitectures

Construction company – Baumester SL.

Carpenter – Rels.

Contract budget – € 10,520 (reform: € 5,444, furniture: € 5,076)

Surface area – 32 sq.m.

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