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Obelisk winery design inspired from cultural landscape

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Obelisk winery, Czech republic, Vineyard

The Obelisk Winery located in Brno, is a modern winery design inspired by the romantic Lednice – Valtice cultural landscape.

Designed by Brno-based AiD team, the winery is located amongst a flourishing vineyard surrounded by scenic Valtice – Palava hills. Based on simple temple structure, the design is a simple form with supporting columns seeming like a pavilion.

Winery, Obelisk winery, Czech Republic, Vineyard, Landscape photography

Winery facing the vineyards

The elongated elevation of the building facing the vineyards has visitor’s lounge, wine tasting room apart from the office spaces. The striking ceiling works on ground floor is an ode to local crafts and arts upholding quality and cultural influence. The semi-buried building houses underground wine production facilities which assist gravity flow stream of wine eliminating use of mechanical systems.

Landscape, Obelisk winery,winery design, Outdoor landscape, Photography

Flora and fauna around the winery

Obelisk winery, winery, vineyard, Sunset view

View of the surrounding hills and vineyard

From the Architects – 

The Obelisk Winery was built on the green horizon in southern Czech Republic, with a unique view of Valtice and Pálava Hills where a former border guard platoon was once stationed. National borders once in need of protection are now the site of a beautiful winery and lush vineyards, carefully landscaped and maintained.

Obelisk winery, Czech republic, Vineyard

Building elevation with glass facade facing the vineyard

The design of the winery draws on the traditions and sources of inspiration similar to the ones of the romantic buildings of the Lednice–Valtice cultural landscape. In our case, it was inspired by the image of a classical style temple, which was then transformed into an abstract form. The form consisted of a slab supported by three rows of columns – a pavilion standing on a solid plinth. This pavilion gently complements the green horizon and vineyards.

Obelisk winery, Landscape photography, Winery, Czech republic

Well maintained landscape around the winery

Obelisk winery floor plan – 

The building is divided into two areas– the underground wine production facilities and the above-ground premises which include a wine shop, a hall and a wine tasting room. The winery makes their wine using the gravity-flow method which allows wine to stream naturally and eliminates the need for pumps and other machinery.

Obelisk winery, Winery, Floor plan, Czech republic

Ground floor plan


Obelisk winery, Winery production floor plan, Czech republic

Basement floor level -1

This is the reason the facilities are placed on two underground levels dominated by a tank hall surrounded by storage cellars. The wines produced here, first and foremost, reflect the terroir of the vineyards they come from.

Obelisk Winery, Czech republic, Wine cellar, Wine storage

Wine cellar

They are complex, mineral and distinctive and they mature in wooden casks which give the wines a rich and complex character.

Obelisk Winery, CAD floor plan, Winery layout

Basement floor level -2

Obelisk winery, Building section, CAD drawing

Building section

Obelisk winery, building section drawing, Czech republic

Site section showing entrance to lower basement

Visitor’s area – 

The visitors’ area of the winery with the wine tasting room and a lounge aims to be an architectural expression of the winery’s philosophy and ideals. We see it as a pavilion– a space of a specific character and atmosphere.

Obelisk winery, reception area, Winery, Czech republic

Visitor’s entrance area


Obelisk winery, reception area, Winery, Czech republic

Lounge area

Whilst the walls of the Obelisk Winery do not hold any hunting trophies like the walls of the nearby Valtice Castle. But they do contain other treasures, those of the Obelisk’s wine making craft. The contemporary work by a recognised artist made into a wall and ceiling intarsia was inspired by Baroque and Renaissance castle ceilings in Europe.

Contemporary ceiling, Visitor lounge space, Obelisk winery, Artwork, Artist work

Contemporary ceiling work by a renowned artist



Contemporary ceiling, Visitor lounge, Obelisk winery

Scenic view of the hills and vineyard from the lounge space

The intarsia reflects the influences of the surrounding vineyards and of Obelisk – the owner’s game preserve. The corten steel pavilion, with large-scale glazing, is enclosed by an archway.

Obelisk winery, Pavilion, Corten steel, glass facade

Glass, corten steel, natural stone materials for the facade


Staircase, Oakwood cladding, Glass railing, Obelisk Winery

Centrally located staircase space

The winery is both visually and conceptually associated with Valtice, Reistna Colonnade and panoramic view of Pálava Hills and Mikulov town.

Pavilion-like structure

The natural materials of stone, concrete and oakwood are combined with glass, steel, and corten steel. These traditional materials were chosen both for technical reasons, and for their other exceptional properties – they age naturally in appearance and gradually blend in with the landscape.

Wine tasting room and wine shop on ground floor

Cultural landscape outside Obelisk winery – 

The winery is surrounded by an extensive cultural landscape formed between the 17th and the 20th centuries, on the estate of the Lichtenstein family. We wanted to preserve and promote this unique character. This is also the reason most of the winery is hidden underground.

Guest room facilities

The part of the winery that is above-ground is slightly protruding over the vineyards when observed from the direction of Valtice. The trees on the winery grounds were mostly preserved and the access road will be flanked with newly planted vineyards. A green courtyard was formed in front of the entrance – a piazzetta fitted with seating and awaiting its own work of art.


Obelisk winery building access road flanked by vineyards


Staircase encloses a green space


Underground wine production facility

The chief principle we observed when designing the winery was respect for the entire Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape, the vineyards, the work of those who are no longer among us but whose craft and skills we admire to this day. We aim to preserve and develop this quality and tradition.

Obelisk winery amongst the beautiful landscape

Project details –


Project Name – The Obelisk Winery

Location – Netroufalky 7, 625 00, Brno, Czech Republic

Architect Firm – AiD team a.s. | www.aid.as

Interior design – Hana Bainarová | www.basarch.cz

Design team – Pavel Bainar, Hana Bainarová, Martin Klásek, Pavlína Klubalová, Jitka Nováková

Client – Vinařství Obelisk s.r.o. | www.vinarstviobelisk.cz

Project type – Winery, Vineyard

Photography  – © BoysPlayNice

Completion Year – 2017

Built up area – 2100 sq. m. | Usable area – 3490 sq. m.

Interior art – Natalie Perkof | www.natalieperkof.cz

Building contractor – Kalab spol.s.r.o.

Interior contractors – Dřevomonta s.r.o., Dýha Max s.r.o., F&T stolařství v.o.s., DaK INTERIÉRY


Products – 

Siding/Corten/exterior walls

Exterior windows and doors, display windows – Schuco/filler panels

Night Light flush plates – AlcaPLAST/sanitary facilities

Industrial slotted drain – APR2/AlcaPLAST/tank hall

Merano chairs – TON/wine tasting

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