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| 23 : 30 – 07 May 2018 |


Adding ancient Italian accents and decor along with pop of colors, Masquespacio – an award-winning creative consultancy designs a ‘Piada’ in Lyon, France.

Located in a residential neighbourhood inside a shopping center, the vibrant Piada is modern gastronomical destination with hints of Italian design elements. The modern restaurant has a service counter as one steps in. Apart from this,  the place  designed by Masquespacio features plants, wood, terracotta, neon light, golden bar lamps and arcs with mirrors reminiscent to the traditional bars from the ancient Italy.

Outdoor seating

From the designers – 

Arthur and Mathilde’s mother had a dream about their children bringing a part of her native Italy to the French city Lyon, through the traditional recipe for “piadinas”, a flatbread made of flour that can be used as a side dish or stuffed with typical ingredients from the Italian gastronomy like ham, mozzarella and tomato.

Colorful seating decor in seating area


Service counter at entrance

Arthur and Mathilde were sure about the fact that to bring this traditional recipe to the contemporary world they needed to represent it through a modern brand that could appeal to a young and actual public. Therefore, they decided to contact Masquespacio for the interior design of their first Piada in Lyon, France.


Situated in the Confluence neighborhood and surrounded by residential buildings from the most relevant contemporary architects and old fabrics reused for events and nightlife, the shopping center at which you can find Piada, is being developed for multi-purposes and integrates a cinema, indoor adventure park, stores and restaurants.

Seating space

Design brief – 

For the design the briefing was clear. A space that transmitted the Italian origin from the product for sale needed to be designed, including its traditional elements and natural ingredients. The space above required to remind to the past, but through a modern aesthetic.

Due to this since the beginning Masquespacio opted to use tiles with an artisan aspect, besides a range of elements like the golden bar lamps and arcs with mirrors that remember us to the traditional bars from the ancient Italy. Using plants, wood and terracotta on the other hand the natural touch is visible. The neon light “A bit of Italy” from its side can be highlighted as one of the key elements required by Piada’s founders from the beginning.

Arched mirrors with golden bar lamps


Neon light bring the Italian bling

As for many projects designed by Masquespacio a big amount of color is used to brighten the day of Piada’s consumers, while they enjoy a delicious piadina.Click To Tweet


Project Details :-


Project Name – Piada

Architect firm – Masquespacio | www.masquespacio.com

Local Architect – Sandrine Brenans

Project location – C.C. Confluence, 112 Cours Charlemagne, 69002 Lyon, France

Project Type – Cafe, Hospitality, Restaurant, Interior design

Built up – 40 sq. mt.

Client – Piada Food

Completion year – 2017

Photographs – © Luis Beltran | www.luisbeltran.eu

Furniture and Lighting – Production Pau Ferro ( Design – Masquespacio )

Products/Materials used – 

Flooring –  Faus

Tiles –  Complementto

Ceiling lights – Faro

Chairs – Ton

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